I can’t believe this day is finally here! We’re headed out on our honeymoon!

I wanted to share what I decided to wear on the plane so we quickly snapped a pic. 🙂

This is my first long, overseas flight so I went for comfort above all else. We will be flying overnight and I wanted to have something that was easy to sleep and cuddle up in. My goal is to do a little Netflix and a lot of sleep because when we arrive it will be Saturday morning in Paris. Wish me luck!


One travel tip that I always follow when flying in the winter is to wear one of your heaviest coats on the plane. Coats take up SO much room in a suitcase! I also love having something to keep me warm and wrap up in on the plane. Even if I don’t have my arms in the coat and it fully on, I still like to sit on it so it protects me from the seat.

I also always bring a cashmere wrap in my carry on! I have my trusty grey one with me in my Neverfull.

I will keep you all updated on IG stories when we land! First stop PARIS! xx

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