Back in November Ethan and I skipped out on Thanksgiving and headed to Toronto for a long weekend.  While I normally would hate missing out on family time, my 30th birthday fell on Thanksgiving day so we made an exception.  I am so glad we did because we had a great time exploring a new city and the stay was so comfortable thanks to the Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square!

Ethan and I both love NYC.  I go every chance I get and after hearing that Toronto was often referred to as a mini New York, I knew I wanted to go explore.  We both loved our trip.  It’s a place I hope to go back and experience again soon during another season.  Such a trendy city and there is so much to do so I plan to share another post on ideas soon!

The Le Germain hotel group has two Toronto locations but we were drawn to the one in Maple Leaf Square.  It’s located in a great spot if you are traveling to Toronto.  We were excited for our stay but after we checked in, our expectations were blown out of the water.  The staff was professional and friendly and the lobby is very chic so the experience was positive from the get-go.  I loved the mix of style and hospitality!

They led us to our room and my happiness hit another level.  We stayed in one of their signature suites and it was the type of accommodations you know immediately you’re not going to want to leave.  (I would give anything to be checking in again right now!) We had a half bath right off the main doorway and a modern table with black and ivory upholstered chairs right in the main living area.

They had a bottle of prosecco chilled and ready for us on the table and wait for it—they even had a black and white candle that had a 3-0 on it stuck in the bucket!  How amazingly perfect is that for me?!  Small, thoughtful touches like that are what I will remember forever.

On the other side of the table we found a sectional couch, modern chair, and large window.  There was tv, mini bar , desk and coffee area to enjoy too.  On the opposite side of the tv, was the bedroom.  It had a cozy vibe but was very spacious.  There was a walk in closet and an amazing bathroom–the shower was glass and had a view of the bedroom. It was such a nice space to come back to after being out and about in the city.  I will never forget the feeling of coming back in to warm up and relax with a glass of wine before we cleaned up and headed out for an Italian dinner–pure bliss!

One of the nights we stayed at the Le Germain hotel we had tickets to a Maple Leafs hockey game.  Ethan hardly ever picks things for us to do when we travel so I was really excited to go since he was so pumped about it.  It ended up being SUCH a fun night too because the hotel is attached to the Air Canada center where they play!  I am not a hockey fan but being able to walk down to the Bar Le Germain and have a couple cocktails and then walk over to the game without ever having to drive, find a ride or be outside in the cold definitely helped set the mood for the night! We had a ball because the bartender at the hotel was super nice and the area was filled with fans all wearing jerseys.  It was so fun to be in the mix of such an excited crowd.

There was one mystery we encountered while we were at the Le Germain for our stay…  Close to the elevators there is a lit up wall display with green apples on it.  At first we would notice there was always a different number of apples on the wall each time we came and went and we joked about it who was snacking on all the fruit.  Then we noticed that the apples seemed to have a smiley face on them!  It looked like it was coming from the way a light was directed at them.  We were having too much fun updating everyone on my Instagram story about the mystery apples and the next morning when we went to leave our room I opened the door to find a full bag of apples right in front of our room! See, I am telling you, the staff there was on top of their game!

I could go on and on about this hotel chain.  Everything from the eco friendly features to the video series of yoga that they offer on their blog for you to enjoy from your room with a lululemon mat are well thought out and top notch.  But lastly I will leave you with this.. the Le Germain does not have a check out time!  How thoughtful and convenient is that?!  So nice to not have to worry with a set schedule when you are traveling and coordinating a flight home, etc.  Just one more touch that made us enjoy our stay even more.

We were beyond impressed with the boutique hotel and while we hope to be back ASAP, we will also try to give some of the other Le Germain properties a try.  They have several locations (if you are planning a Canadian trip be sure to check out the full list here) and the one in Quebec is definitely on our list since we loved the city so much there when we went a couple years ago!  Ok, now I am itching to pack my bag and stay in a white fluffy hotel bed!

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