My Celine Tilda 41076 sunglasses have been my FAVORITE pair (by far) for years and I get asked about them a lot so today I am giving a full review of them.


I have had this pair since September of 2016, so saying that they are still my favorites is a bold statement. But, it’s true! I still wear them multiple times a week and they are the pair I always fall back on when I am not feeling any of my others with an outfit. For me, they are that one trusty pair that everyone needs in their closet.


Celine Tilda 41076


Havana w Green Lenses (the green is very faint!)



length of the lens – length between the two lenses – length of the arm


NO nose pieces! I hate how those get stuck in my hair when I put sunglasses on my head when indoors.

SUPER sturdy. These frames are thick and you can tell they are great quality. They do not loose shape easily . I can throw them in my purse and not worry that they will come out crooked the next time I put them on.

They are oversized and that is a MUST for me!

The shape is classic and not too trendy. I love that they still feel in style to me 3 years later.

Minimal design. I love the classic small dots that Celine has on their sunglasses. Not flashy so it never competes with your outfit.

Can be dressed up or down! I can wear these with anything from leggings and sneakers to a dress and heels and feel perfectly fine.


They did not come with a hard case. They came with a padded leather zipper pouch. I am a HUGE fan of sunglass cases and I am a stickler for ones that provide protection against squishing!

I really can’t think of any other cons. That’s how you know they’re good! But–I will tell you they are hard to track down now. I knew I wanted this exact style back when I bought mine (I had seen someone with a similar face shape to me have them) so I called a Celine boutique in NYC to ask about them. The associate told me that the Tilda style was old and no longer sold in stores. She confirmed that (at the time) that style was the most oversized pair. So, I ended up buying mine from a trusted retailer on Amazon that still had some pairs left. The good news was that they were cheaper than they would have been if they were a current style! Mine were around $180 when I got them.

A couple photos so you can see how the frames fit me. (FYI, my face is larger and the same sunglasses usually look bigger on other people than they do on me.)

I searched around and found a couple still available. You can shop them below:

If there is anything I left out that you would still like to know just shoot me a message or email! xx

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