My wedding dress came in recently so we went on Saturday to see it for the first time, do a fitting and decide on some alterations!

We bought my wedding dress back in March and when I tried it on it was a just pinned to fit me so I was super anxious to see it in person on Saturday.  What I didn’t realize was how much of a nervous wreck I was going to be!  My mom, sister + Granny came with me and we grabbed coffees at the hotel across the street before heading in to see the dress.  On the walk over my nerves started to jump into high gear and by the time we made it up to the 4th floor to the alterations department I was shaky!

I was scared that I wouldn’t love it as much as I did months back, or that it wouldn’t be just as I had remembered it in my head, or that I wouldn’t love the color, or that it wouldn’t be flattering, or that everyone wouldn’t love it, or that it wouldn’t zip, or that the things we intended to change wouldn’t be possible….. SEE the list goes on and on and on.  Plus, there’s a lot of pressure because you have already bought the dress.

My dress was hanging up in a room and the alterations lady told us to just go in and put it on–she said someone needed to figure out how to help me in it and get it on since that is how we would have to do it on the actual day.  I hadn’t even thought of that, haha, but now I am thankful we’ve had some practice.  By the time my mom and sister got me in the dress and shoes and I walked out to the mirror I was sweating!  That isn’t a reaction I have ever had to nerves before (even when speaking in front of people) so it totally caught me off guard.  They even had to turn a fan on and put it right beside me haha!  No kidding–I was a total mess!

But all in all the appointment went GREAT.  The dress fit perfectly around the waist and torso.  Side Note–if you are a bride-to-be just make sure you let them measure you and order whatever size they suggest.  My dress ended up being ordered like 3 sizes larger than my normal dress size (wedding dresses generally run small).  The lady was very helpful and we were able to decide on all the alterations the dress needed.  I had already decided on my shoes I will be wearing on the wedding day and brought them with me so we were able to determine how much the dress needed to be hemmed.  We cut the massive padded cups they had sewn into the bust of the dress out. Why do all bridal places assume you want HUGE fake boobs added to your gown???  We faced this issue when trying on dresses too and maybe it’s just me but — no, thank you.  I will go the natural route!  We took the bottom poofy layer out from under the skirt and we also made a few other changes to make the dress a bit more custom and more my style.

Once I saw the dress on me and it fit and we talked through all these changes I felt SO MUCH better.  It was a huge relief and now I am super excited!  I go back on October 8th to try it on again.  I am still debating on whether or not I want to wear a veil.. so that will be the next decision I need to tackle.

All in all.. it was a really fun weekend and we get to go do trials for makeup next Saturday so I am pumped about that too!

ps, if you are ever in Covington you have to go into Hotel Covington!  It is SUCH a chic hotel.That is where we got lattes before the fitting and they were fabulous.  The barista was super kind and helpful (as was the front desk staff) and now my mom is dying to go back and stay there for the weekend! And after using their restroom I am dying to put some black glossy subway tile in my house one day.  #designgoals

Hope you all had a fab weekend! xx

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