Ethan called me from work the day our wedding video arrived in our inbox.  We agreed to wait until he got home that evening to watch it together. 

I was both nervous and excited.  Throughout the wedding planning process so many people told me that I wouldn’t even remember most of it.  They would recall their own wedding and say it was all just a huge blur and the night drifted away so fast.  So, I was worried this would be the case for me too.  I knew at the very least I had a risk of this happening during the ceremony because I was so worried about being in front of so many people for such an emotional and intimate moment. But, thankfully, this was not how the day went for me.  I remember everything!  That being said–there is still something that made me anxious about watching our big day from the outside looking in.

Those feelings turned to pure happiness right after the video started.  I swear I think I smiled the entire time I watched!  

We worked Bryan Starr Cinematography (best decision).  You can read more about Bryan and get to know his work and why we chose him HERE.  

Bryan is BEYOND talented.  He set out to tell our story by capturing all the details and feelings throughout the day and he delivered.  He definitely delivered.  

Let me give you some behind-the-scenes details so you can see the magnitude of his talent like we did…

We met with Bryan once before the wedding.  It was a quick meeting to grab a coffee with him 6 months before our big day.  Here was the gist..  We told Bryan how impressed we were with his work and that we didn’t want to interfere his creative vision at all.  We trusted him and believed in his art.  We did tell him that we wanted to skip typical things like the slow-mo view of the dress hanging up on a wall and were not planning to write letters to each other to read while getting ready.  Other than that, we asked if Ethan could send him some songs he was feeling for the video so he could get an idea of our taste (he happily used one of them) and passed along the wedding day timeline.  That was it!  

Unlike some of our other vendors, we did not have to worry about one more thing with Bryan.  He showed up on the day of the wedding and did his thing.  He worked seamlessly alongside our photographer and grabbed the footage he needed.  He never directed anyone or made himself known.  I think I remember him stepping in once and saying something like, “oh wow, that light is amazing on your ring will you hold your hand up there one more time?”.  By the time I lifted my arm he had backed away with his camera nodding that he had gotten what he needed.  

Most people did not even know we had a videographer.  They were shocked when I told them we had a video to look forward to!  This was so valuable to us.  We have heard horror stories from couples who said their videographer had to step in and direct a great deal and made things more difficult for their timeline and photographer.  Our experience with Bryan could not have been more different.

He’s so chill but he makes sure he is getting all the content he needs.  In fact, there were some things in the video that I was so happy to see because I had no idea he had caught them.  For example, he had a great shot of our champagne tower overflowing and I loved that the small custom details like our napkins, neon sign, bundtinis, celebrity wedding guest book and acrylic sign made an appearance.  You spend SO much time planning out those details beforehand so it is very rewarding to have them all documented. 

And one thing that he wasn’t able to grab on the day of was drone footage.  However, Bryan knew Ethan was keen on it being included (he is a little drone obsessed haha) so he took it upon himself to travel back to our venue and take some the following week.  My recommendation? Get yourself a vendor who goes above and beyond like that to please!

Pop over to Bryan’s blog HERE to read a recap of our event through his eyes.  The way he described our ceremony and reception made me feel so relieved.  It was validation that all our planning had paid off! 

We would 100% recommend hiring a videographer to capture your wedding and we would 100% recommend contracting with Bryan Starr Cinematography to do it.  (Ask for the Adventure Package.  That is what we did!) Think about it.  So much time, money and effort goes into throwing big event like this.  We had 160 of our closest family + friends together to celebrate on November 10, 2018.  We will never get to do that again.  But we can rewatch this video as much as we want to remember it and we can pass it along to people who were not able to be there to share it.  That, I am thankful for.






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