I have been on the hunt for a new cold weather long coat…

But, first things first.  This post is going to be a quickie. 

I missed Monday’s post because we had a little mishap over the weekend.  A drink got spilled on our macbook.  Good news, though!  It is up and running again!  I learned a few things from the experience so I wanted to share. 

1] If you spill liquid on your laptop do not try to turn it on!  Do not plug it in!  Just flip it over and let it dry out. 

And 2] get it to a professional ASAP.  We took ours to Kyle at Tech Medic (if you are in Lexington or local then make a note of this because they are AMAZING, affordable and quick).  He was so much help.  For a minimal charge he was able to open up the computer, dry everything out, clean it up and replace the battery.  We got it back in under 48hrs.  Thank goodness!  He said we saved ourselves a lot of damage by not trying to turn it on or plug it in.

So, since it is late in the day on Wednesday (happy hump day, btw) I figured I would just take the chance to quickly update you on my outerwear search.  

I have been on the hunt for a new long wool coat to take with me on our honeymoon.  The coat you see in the photo above was my favorite cold weather purchase of last winter.  And while I still love it, I really want something more refined and classic now.  Specifically, I want it to come down between my knees and ankles for warmth and have a roomy sleeve and shoulder so I can layer my chunkier knits.  

I have ordered 3 coats so far that just totally swallow me and looked ridiculous. 

This is my latest purchase.  Fingers crossed! 

As I was browsing the sale coats/jackets on Nordstrom I noticed a few great pieces that are worth noting.  These are all items that I own myself and LOVE.  Shop them here:


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