I know everyone has their own list of things they do to make travel more easy/enjoyable but I since I just flew to Austin and I will be heading to Dallas soon I figured this would be a good time to share mine with you all!  I thought it would be fun to share all my airport pics with you all from IG.  These go back years haha! So get ready for a trip down memory lane.

This is a long [& random] list, so buckle up!

Hopefully there is something you pick up that makes your next time in the airport less stressful.

  • invest in a cashmere wrap (I get one during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale every summer) and have in in your carry on to wear on the plane so you are cuddled up in something that belongs to you and is soft
  • pack your makeup in your carry on so nothing gets broken
  • also pack any valuables in your carry on, I never fly with my designer bags or jewelry under the plane
  • remove any liquids from your make up bag and put them in a separate clear zip pouch (or ziplock bag) so they are easy to pull out when you go through security
  • HEADPHONES! I cannot stress this enough, if at all possible have one in at all times (while walking to your gate, in the bathroom, etc) to drown everything else out
  • download enough shows to your phone from your Netflix app to cover you during the flight, do it before you leave home while you have wifi
  • start something on your phone with your headphones as soon as you sit down on the plane because the stalling, annoying passengers and instructions before you take off can be the worst part
  • drink tons of water the day before you fly and as soon as you land, buying a water bottle should be your first stop on the way to get your luggage
  • pay attention to the checked luggage weight limit for the airline you are flying on, FYI-Allegiant is only 40lbs versus 50lbs
  • bring something comfy to fly home in, even if you are ambitious and have all your cute outfits planned out ahead of the trip–9 times out of 10 I cave by the last day and throw my leggings on before I actually get to the airport
  • go to the bathroom at the last second right before you board to try and avoid the restroom on the plane (if it is a short flight)
  • buy something from the Benefit makeup “vending machines” it seems like every airport has, totally kidding about this one but I always see them and think–on one hand, who actually makes a purchase there and then on the other hand, if I forgot my bronzer, etc I would be totally thrilled to buy some Hoola  haha
  • check in for your flight and pay for your checked luggage before you get to the airport AND download the app for the airline you are flying with, having your boarding pass easily accessible is a huge plus and getting update notifications across your phone for any changes in times and gates can be a life saver
  • if you are packing sun hats either wear one and stack the others on top or stuff the inside of the hat with bathing suits/socks and then stack the others on top and lay in the bottom of your empty suitcase (brim side to the bottom) and then pack all your other things around it
  • anytime you have to sit down and wait pick your seat according to where there are outlets and charge your phone/headphones/laptop, you can never be too safe with your battery (and this coming from the girl who’s phone alwayssss dies, insert eye roll)
  • keep your ID out while you check in at the desk and meet the worker at the beginning of security (being the annoying person taking even seconds searching for it is not ok) and then as you put your things in the bins quickly stick it somewhere in your bag that it is safe and you will remember it
  • download your Netflix shows–I know this is a repeat, it’s intentional because it is one that DEFINITELY makes the time in the plane pass by more quickly so be sure to do it even if it’s just a back up because you plan to work or sleep
  • use dust bags (the ones you get when you purchase a nice handbag) to protect items in your suitcase, ex: roll your heels up in one so they don’t scratch any other items
  • if your flight is international, bring a pen in your carry on to fill out the paperwork on the plane, it’s annoying to have to wait on others to finish and ask to borrow
  • keep your phone charger and headphones in a separate zipper pouch, this way the cords aren’t making your other bags cluttered
  • check for airports around the hotel that are super close and offer cheaper overnight parking, call and make a reservation and then take a 2 second uber to the terminal
  • if you do park in a overnight/long term lot remember that AAA discounts are often an option, use it if you’re a member when you pay and leave
  • bring some sort of snack (last time mine was a ziplock full of mini candy bars–try to go healthier than that ha), if the check in line is backed up and the security line is long and you have to hop straight on the flight then it might be a while before you land, get to your hotel and are settled enough to go get food and being hangry while traveling is the worst
  • keep your passport/credit cards in something that is RFID protected, my info has been swiped from all the cards I was carrying when traveling before when I did not do this [headache], if you’re wallet is not protected just go buy the little paper sleeves (mine were $7 from Target, get them here)
  • wash your hands more than normal, airports are EWW
  • pack some extra under garments in your carry on in case your luggage is delayed, don’t worry with a change of clothes–this will give you the excuse to shop for some when you arrive if tragedy does occur and your bag doesn’t show 😉  kidding.. but not really!

That was a lot I know, but hey–there’s a science to spending time in the airport.  Am I right??

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Happy & safe travels, babes!

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