I got my Gucci Wallet on a Chain almost 2.5 years ago and it was one of the best handbag purchases I have made!

I carry it so often and I am pretty sure I have taken it on every trip I have gone on since I bought it. It is not a sit on the shelf kind of buy.


Dionysus GG Supreme Canvas Wallet on a Chain

Style ‎401231 KHNSN 8642C


8″W x 5″H x 2.3″D

Chain shoulder strap with 23.5″ drop


It is so durable. Mine has been used time and time again and still is in pristine condition. You can’t see any wear on it! The canvas fabric doesn’t scratch or show dirt, the leather wears well and the sliver chain does’t tarnish or chip.

It is structured and does not lose shape. It does expand on the sides depending on how much you carry, but it is not like a soft leather purse that will stretch out and become lumpy. This also means that it packs well. I take the chain off and put it in the zipper pocket, throw it in a dust bag and then it will lay flat in my suitcase easily.

The size is great.  It is long enough for my iphone 7+ to fit inside easily along with my card case and some lip stick.

It’s a neutral so it goes with most outfits. Specifically it looks great with the grey items in my closet.

The strap is customizable. I wrap it several different ways to change the length depending on how I want to wear it. You can also totally remove the chain and just use it as a wallet inside a larger handbag.

The credit card slots allow you to skip having to also carry a wallet (there’s 16 of them) and the zipper pouch is really handy.

The style is classic. It would be one you could pull out a decade later and still carry since it’s Gucci.


The price is steep since it is a designer item. But, price per wear has been great for me.

You can’t get a lot inside. There are times when I want to carry it but also need to bring my camera (or anything else haha) and it just doesn’t fit.  It is really for days/night when you are out and don’t need to lug around tons.

I did an unboxing of the bag when the weekend I bought it. You can watch here:

I even brought mine with me on our honeymoon! If you want to see some additional pictures of me wearing it just scroll my IG feed. xx

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