Last Sunday was a complete treat!  I cannot wait to share tons of photos from my bridal shower at The Spa at Griffin Gate with you all! Ok.. let’s get straight into it!

As you all know, I spent a day at The Spa a few weeks ago (you can see the full post on that experience here).  I had the best day of pampering and was totally amazed at what The Spa has to offer so I was REALLY looking forward to sharing the facility with my friends + fam.  A couple of my girlfriends from college were so sweet and offered to host a shower.  I was so touched and thrilled.  Allison, Laura– I love you all!  You’re the best!

I want to give you all the low down about a shower at The Spa and then we will get into the photo (overload) and all the specific details from mine!

why have a bridal shower at The Spa?

I think the real question is why not have a bridal shower at The Spa.  But, really.  Ok, here’s a bit on honesty for you.  I have been to so many bridal showers and so many of them were similar–snack food, small talk, gifts + games.  You know the drill.  And, there is nothing wrong with this.  But if you are looking to do something different then this is a fab option.  Having your shower hosted at The Spa gives you and your guests a totally different experience.  You are able to spend quality time together in a much more intimate setting (this part was priceless for me) and as an added bonus you also get to have a relaxing treatment that you may not otherwise indulge in.  After all, isn’t a wedding the perfect excuse to add a little luxury into everyone’s lives??

are there any other perks to having a shower at The Spa?

Totally.  Here is the one that stuck with me the most.. it is SO convient.  Everything is totally customizable depending on which package you choose but the beauty of it is that the team at The Spa takes care of ALL the planning and details for you.  Seriously.  You choose everything and then all you have to do is send out the invitations and show up to enjoy it.  If you have ever planned and hosted a party then you know how much time and stress goes into it.  If you ask me, allowing someone else to take that out of the equation is time WELL SPENT.  Not to mention, how exciting it is when you show up on the day of for the reveal!

does The Spa host other events?

Ummhum.  If you aren’t in the market for a bridal shower then what about a bachelorette party?  Not everyone needs to be partying it up in Nashville wearing a “last fling before the ring” t-shirt.  Am I right or am I right??  How about you keep things chic and gather everyone for a day of massages, facials, champs + cupcakes?  After doing my shower there I can tell you, I would come back for ANY event.  You’re turning 30?  Let’s do a spa party.  You need a girls getaway?  Let’s do a spa party.   You’re having a baby?  Let’s do a spa party.  Time to celebrate the holiday season?  Let’s do a spa party.  You’re getting divorced?  Let’s do a spa party.  Too far?  Sorry–haha–but you get the point!

We chose to do mine on a Sunday and everyone gathered at 11am.  As you’ll see in these photos.. we took advantage of all The Spa has to offer!

[Side Note–Shout out to Ann for being there and snapping all these wonderful photos.  See below for more info!]

The Spa manager, Julia (she is a total gem and you can find her contact info at the bottom of the post), took us downstairs and got everyone a locker so we could change into our robes and slippers and showed us around.  We had an hour to hangout before our first round of treatments started.  Our group chose to sit around in the women’s only lounge.  This area is attached to the locker room and removed from the main lounge area.  It was perfect because we could chat freely in there and not worry with disturbing other guests.


The main lounge area was fully decorated and ready for us when we arrived! I am telling you it was SUCH a fun moment when we all came down the stairs and saw this for the first time.  GOOSEBUMPS.  The Spa staff nailed it.


There were GORGEOUS flower arrangements on all the tables–they were all white, so unique and 100% on brand.  Which you know I TOTALLY appreciate. 😉

I am always looking for local contacts in the floral industry (I hate a generic/tacky arrangement), so you know I had to get the details.  Bebe’s Bazaar was responsible for the table settings, flowers + center pieces.  I loved how current these were.  No faux diamond gems scattered across a table or tea lights in little votives.  Thank youuuuu.  Word is that they are a mother/daughter team, are v professional and so easy to work with.  They are available for bookings for anything from a wedding to a shower, bday partayyy, gender reveal and corporate party.  Isn’t it nice to hear about a local vendor who is doing something so fresh and on point??     SARAH |

In addition, the large flower arrangements were done by a specialty cut flower farm located in Georgetown, KY–Gray Arbor Farms! They really made an impact and filled the room so nicely.  And listen up because–they are the perfect wholesaler for KY brides!  You can purchase event and wedding day flowers from them!     KELLY |

There was also a table of gift favors which included mini succulents in the cutest matte black containers.  They each had a customized tag that read, “let love grow” with our hashtag underneath! #CallMeCollins

Our breakfast spread (which was also in the main lounge) included chocolate donut holes with rainbow sprinkles, mini donuts and croissants, fruit salad, yogurt parfaits and mimosas.  Side note: the mimosas were mixed perfectly–you know you can tell straight away if someone was to heavy handed with the OJ–and they tasted even better since The Spa had glass champ flutes for us to enjoy them out of.  Specific, I know, but these things can make or break a mimosa bar! Ha!

We all took our plates into the private ladies lounge and enjoyed while we chatted and laughed with each other.  It is such an intimate experience and I felt like it really allowed us to catch up in a much different way than we would have otherwise at a bridal shower.  Perfect for girlfriends that don’t get to see each other enough!  I had friends there from high school and college along with my mom, sister and Ethan’s mom.  We were just missing Ethan’s sis (she lives in Taiwan–wish you were there, Emma!) and a few of my girlfriends who were not able to make it.

Once noon rolled around the staff members at The Spa came to collect several of us for our treatments.  Everyone chose to have either a massage or facial when they sent in their RSVP and they split us into two groups for scheduling.  Some of us went at noon and some of us went at one.  I am sure you could customize this any way you would like if you booked a party at The Spa though!

I was in the group who had a treatment at noon.  I went in for a WONDERFUL massage with my girl Stephanie.  She works wonders on the knots in my neck and shoulders and this time she also added a essential oil to my jaw (Valor, I think it was called) to help with my pain.  I am a jaw clincher.  It’s been out of control lately and I wake up with it so sore after having stressful dreams where everything goes terribly wrong with the wedding! haha!

After a massage I am always in a total zone out mode.  While recovering and sipping water we also fully indulged in the HUGE container of cocktail gummies my bestie Allison so kindly brought.  She knows they are my FAVORITE.  We had rosé, lemon drop and champagne!

Once, the one o’clock group finished up with their treatments, we all headed out to the buffet table in the main lounge area to fix a plate for lunch.


Julia had arranged for us to have ahi tuna, benedictine sandwiches, cucumbers with hummus, bluegrass deviled eggs and assorted juice shots.  Everything was TO. DIE. FOR.  I later found out that the Marriott Griffin Gate has a new Executive Chef to thank for this yummy spread–Chef Jasen Fontaine!  He attended culinary school at the Le Condon Bleu and has been featured in several magazines thanks to his unique style. We were all so impressed on how he executed the perfect light lunch and I know I am ready and waiting to eat some more of his creations.  I think a date night over at Griffin Gate is in order for Ethan and I!  Speaking of, my girlfriend and I were chatting during the shower and she mentioned how she wanted to do a staycation at the resort after seeing all they have to offer.  How genius is that?  Plan one for your special someone if you are local!  You can try Chef Jasen’s food for yourself that way.. and I can promise you it will feel like a true GETAWAY even if you only have to drive 15 minutes down the road to get there. 

They had the outdoor patio surrounded by a waterfall all set up for us to enjoy lunch there.


Once we sat down we were greeted with dessert on the table, a yum chocolate cake and mouse, AND the most fabulous cupcakes I have ever, ever had.  They were [again] so perfectly on brand–white wedding cake flavored with tons of white icing and edible pearl accents.  They were Gigi’s Cupcakes and I would give anything for another one of those right now..  just being honest!  I think I might have to treat myself to one after the wedding is over.  I have really been trying to be more strict with my diet the last couple of weeks so that seems like a perfect reward after Nov 10th rolls around!!

The goodness just didn’t stop coming either.. because next we headed up to our own private cabana to hang by the pool and open gifts!  I know, right??  The outdoor pool at Griffin Gate is heated (even though it ended up being a million degrees last weekend, so being cold was not even an issue) so we put our feet in the pool and enjoyed a Truly.  The staff was so kind and brought us iced down buckets of spritzers and beer to enjoy!  The Trulys were a huge hit and we all had fun passing out the different flavors to each other.  I opened so many sweet and very thoughtful gifts.  One, that I have to share.. my mom + sister gave me a pair of white gold and aquamarine stud earrings.  I will treasure these forever and will love having the memory of getting them as a bridal shower gift.  We closed the day with gift bags from the hostess–black + white striped bags that had glittery eye masks (which you can cool in the fridge) and charcoal masks.  How perf for a spa shower!??

I cannot recommend doing a bridal shower at The Spa at Griffin Gate enough!  It is such a unique experience and something that everyone who attends will truly enjoy and remember.  The staff went ABOVE + BEYOND to make our day the best.  We did not have to worry about one thing once we checked in!  Certainly an unforgettable experience.  Everyone walks away feeling like they have just been given a huge treat!  I made sure to share every detail from mine so you could get a good picture of what it entailed–but keep in mind everything can be planned to suit your own wishes!

the spa at griffin gate contact


Julia Jarvis | Spa Director | 931.607.8022 |

Melinda Dye | Spa Sales Manager | 859.288.6109 |


ps–I want to give a little more love to Ann, our photographer for the day.  She filled in for me at the last minute and I was blown away at how easy she was to work with and how great everything turned out.  I love her editing and she captured all the details and so many special moments without any direction.  Plus–she turned this whole project around in 2 days without me even asking. If you are local and need a photographer, she’s your girl!   Ann’s Instagram — here  | Ann’s Website — here

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