We are about 6wks out from the wedding!  Crazy, really!  Even saying that stresses me out a bit.  I have really enjoyed the planning process, but I have hit the point where I am getting nervous about getting everything done.  Invites are out [thank goshhh, that was a task] and it’s GO time.  Here is a very candid update on where we are with everything…

We have our tasting with the caterer on October 4th.  We’ve decided to do an assortment of heavy hors d’oeuvres and have selected some options to test out.  I know this will be a really fun meeting and we’re looking forward to it! We have contracted with Bayou Bluegrass Catering and so far they have been such a pleasure to work with!!

We have yet to meet with our preacher, but this is on our to-do list for next week.  After we go over the ceremony, we’ll finalize the programs and send them to get printed.  We have a tentative outline for them designed now.

Speaking of, we are designing all of our own signage in photoshop.  We got the bar menu signs back last week only to find out I spelled ginger wrong for the ginger beer option.  Seriously, Lindsey?  So I reordered those.  We also have the welcome sign in and it’s so good! Eek!

Ethan has met with Stuart Mercer to design his tux but doesn’t have it yet.  It should be here soon though and he has decided I don’t get to come to his fitting with him so the final look will be a surprise for me too!  Ethan had a very specific vision in mind and I cannot wait to see it come to life.  Stuart is a dream to work with.  If you ever need something custom you will be in great hands at his gentlemen’s shoppe.

We met with our jeweler this week and decided on the band we are getting for me.  I cannot wait to see it!  The setting should be in today so we might get to go try it on with my engagement ring later this afternoon.  It won’t have the diamonds set in it yet, but we will at least be able to tell what it will look like paired together.  We also took Ethan’s ring to him during our last meeting so the date can be engraved inside.

We are not doing a seating chart, but I do think we have the placement of the tables all lined out.  We will have 10 top round tables in the reception room and on the covered porch (with heaters) and cocktail tables with bar stools in the hallways.  We made sure to have enough seats planned out for the number of people invited.  Obviously, we will not need that many but it gives us peace of mind.

We have booked a DJ and are starting to get our RSVP cards back in the mail with song requests on them!  So the wedding playlist is in the works!

My second dress fitting is next Saturday.  I am nervous + excited to see what the changes we made look like.  Wish me luck!  Hopefully I haven’t eaten too many chocolate covered raisins since my last appointment and it still fits!

One of my dear friends is going to play the music for our ceremony.  I had lunch with him this week and I am so thankful to have him on board.  Not only is he extremely talented but he also has done so many weddings and I think having him help coordinate the ceremony will actually help ease some of my nerves.

I am still on the hunt for earrings for my rehearsal dinner outfit, a couple of looks for my bachelorette party and something to wear for the happy hour my best friends mom is hosting for us on the Thursday night before the wedding weekend.  Hopefully I will get all this nailed down ASAP.

I ordered this fun display for our dessert table this week.  We are also working on designs for cocktail napkins.  I hope we can have those ordered by the end of the weekend.

My mom is still on the hunt for some more copper mugs.  We weren’t interested in doing the typical his + hers signature cocktail option at the bar, but instead have just decided to have a full bar with plenty of drink choices for our guests.  One of the things we will have the ingredients for for are moscow mules.

I had a hair trial on Monday and we nailed down a look that I am going to LOVE.  Rosa at Simply Blue Salon is going to be doing it!

I am struggling to find something to get ready in on the wedding day.  I am not going the silky robe route, but instead I am just looking for some loungewear that I love.  I felt like I would feel silly getting to Berry Hill at noon in regular clothes and then changing into a lace pajama number.  Plus, that isn’t me.  I was thinking a matching set and sneakers would be good.  Maybe something cashmere or really soft knit in grey or cream?  Sounds so easy.  But when I go to order something I keep coming up with nothing!  Or the set has cute joggers but the top is a hoodie that would mess up my hair and makeup.  You get the point.. Fingers crossed that something comes across my browser soon that strikes my fancy.

I could ramble on forever and a day so I will leave you with this–we have a mini moon planned for right after the wedding (we leave Monday morning) and I am so looking forward to it!  We are staying at The Fairlane Hotel.  We want the trip to be super laid back.  I would be so happy if we did nothing but get coffee, wander around, get drinks and then go to a nice dinner.  Oh, and maybe we could throw a massage in there.  Our actual honeymoon will be in 2019.

Have a good weekend, babes. xx





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