I decided it was high time I started sharing some wedding details with you all so I am going to start posting about it every Friday!  [eek, I am SO excited about this!]  Here are some basics about our big day…

DATE – November, 10 2018

We’ve set a date and it is happening this year!  In about 5 months!  We got engaged in March and Ethan and I both knew we did not want a long engagement.  We were also keen on the idea of having our wedding outside of “wedding season”.  That led us towards the last part of this year.  We entertained the idea of a December wedding for a minute (my Granny + Pappyo got married in December with green velvet dresses, white fur muffs and poinsettias and I have always thought it sounded so special) but we decided doing early November would be easier so we did not get into holiday season.  And of course, being from the horse capital of the world, the first weekend in November was out because that is when Breeder’s Cup is.  That led us to 11.10.18!  The big day!  I have gotten some feedback that we are crazy to try and do it so soon, but honestly the planning has been going great and we are over the moon with our decision!!

VENUE – Berry Mansion 

Berry Mansion is a historic property in Frankfort, KY that was built in 1990.  The house and grounds are full of charm.  There is a music room in the house where we will do our ceremony and reception.  It is breathtaking–ornate wood workings, stained glass, large bay windows, a balcony that was used to house string ensembles, a romantic fireplace and an organ with pipes taking up an entire wall!  We fell in love with this venue when Ethan’s sister got married there a few years ago.  We had always talked about copying her idea so the weekend after we got engaged we booked an appointment to go walk the grounds with our families.  We were sold before we even left and handed in a deposit that day.  I was adamant about making our search as simple as possible.  I didn’t want to waste time and energy thinking about or looking into other venues unless this one did not work out.  Thankfully it is working out well and we couldn’t be happier! It is also a venue that none of our friends or family have attended a wedding at before (with the exception of those who were at Ethan’s sisters) so we are very excited to host a unique evening there for them!

COLORS – Black + White

No shock that our wedding is going to be lacking color, right?  Haha!  We are sticking with a strict white or black color scheme for everything we are designing.  This is true to mine and Ethans style and we think it will keep the event timeless.  The venue will provide enough character, so the overall feel will not be boring. We’re not using a wedding planner so every detail will be hand picked by us.  The process has been REALLY fun.  I am actually shocked as to how much I have enjoyed planning everything–I always dreaded the thoughts of a wedding growing up.  But, Ethan is someone who has an opinion on everything–and I mean that in the best possible way.  He never gives me the “I don’t care” response.  He has ideas and feedback on everything so it has made working through this process really, really fun.  It definitely helps that his style aligns perfectly with mine too.  I am also really enjoying all the long talks I have with my mom going over every detail.  She is on board with our black and white theme and we’re relying on her a lot to help keep everything on track.  She is a detail oriented person and so good at hosting so I feel lucky to have her guiding us through.

FEEL – classic, intimate meets modern, sleek

Does that make sense to you all like it does to me?  Classic, intimate meets modern, sleek is exactly what I have running through my head when I picture our event.  We want the overall feel to be timeless and there to be a simplicity to the decor.  We’re thinking minimal, but want what we do add to make a statement–in a bold and clean way.  It is important to us to make the evening feel romantic so we are warming up the space with TONS of white candles in tall glass cylinders.  The tables are going to be very simple–no table numbers or things scattered on them.  We want our florals to make a bold statement and hope to do that by using only white flowers arranged in a modern way.  My dream is that every guest feels like they have escaped to an old mansion to enjoy a private, candle lit party that carries on into the night.

ps, we are planning a pretty amaze bar area to be in the outdoor gazebo that is attached to the music room.  There will be some fun touches out there so everyone will have a good time grabbing their bourbon or bubbly!

These are some images [found via pinterest] that are inspiring us.  You can follow all my pinterest boards here!


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