We went to Indianapolis last weekend for my bachelorette party and had the BEST time!

I did a HORRIBLE job of documenting anything from the trip.  That’s how you know you had the most fun! So these are just some iPhone photos I borrowed from everyone else’s camera roll.

My sister and friends did a FAB job planning and bringing SO many goodies.  When we went to unload the car my sister said, “oh there’s two helium tanks back there”.  WHAT???

I wish I had better photos to share with you all of the champagne balloon display, the mimosa bar, the black and white balloons, the XOXO display, the confetti, the custom playing cards, etc etc.  And then there we had all the Real Housewives nods.  (You know how obsessed I am and my friends join in too.)  We had custom made cut out heads of our favorite Bravo ladies (THANK YOU Mark!!!), stickers (one ended up on the back of my phone case), a “I MADE IT NICE” banner, and the list goes on.  All my friends brought a bottle of champagne to gift in lieu of a personal shower item (not into that) so I have bottles on bottles at home stocking our bar now.  Oh and, my best friend made.. yes MADE.. me a custom jinga game set! He planed out and drew on each block with something fun that the group or the person who drew the block had to do.  Like, “girls take a drink” or “tell a Lindsey story” or “show the 10th most recent photo on your camera roll”.  That game and my sisters AHH-MAZING charcuterie board, drinks and custom champagne cookies pretty much took up our whole Friday night.

We spent Saturday getting coffee, going to brunch, bar hopping, eating catered Qdoba at the AirBnB, playing flip cup and partying at some club Laura bargained our way into (thanks, girl) and telling WAY too many stories and having LOTS of laughs.

So… A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made the weekend so great and made me feel so loved.  And a shout out to Greg and Addie for making the trip in from NYC.  Love you all. xx

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