I went into the salon for a little [and MUCH needed] hair refresher this past Thursday and ahhhhhh, I am so glad I did!  You know how for the longest time your hair is fine and you don’t think two things about it and then all the sudden you wake up one day and cannot do anything at all to it and you realize you need a hair appointment and you need it NOW?  Like ASAP.  Well that was me recently!

So I called my salon and got an appointment booked.  I have been going to Simply Blue Salon for years now and I could not looooove it more.  Rosa, the salon owner, does my hair and if you are local then you have got to give it a try.

I used to dread getting my hair done.  It took forever, I was miserable during it and I never had a place or stylist I liked.  Rosa actually did my hair for my college roomies wedding (the embarrassingly old iPhone pics are below so you can see the end result) and I ended up loving it!  It was the first time I had ever had someone else do my hair and I actually liked the finished product.  I know I sound picky.. and I am ha! #sorrynotsorry  After the wedding was said and done, I knew I had to seek out Rosa and I was thrilled to find out she had opened her own salon in Lexington.  I gave it a try and was hooked immediately.


Simply Blue Salon uses all aveda products and they go way above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable.  Let me break it down for you–because it really is more like a spa visit than a hair appointment and you’ll be shocked.

When I come in they take my coat and ask me if I would like some hot tea or water (the tea is yummy too) and then Rosa and I chat about what we think we should do to my hair.  After comes the aroma therapy and scalp, neck and shoulder massage.  It is amazing and I look forward to it all day when I know I have an appointment.  Next comes my color and then the shampooing.  I can remember when I was little (and a diva, clearly) and my mom used to put her hand under my neck at the salon when they were washing my hair because the curve of the sink was uncomfortable.  It was probably my least favorite part haha.  Not at Simply Blue.  They lay you down in a comfy chair that has a vibrating heating pad on your lower back area, cover you with a chest pad and eye mask and someone gives each of your hands a mini massage while you are getting your hair washed.  When it’s over I want to cry because I am sad.  But, then I head back over to the chair for my cut, dry and style and get a glass of wine to sip on and all is well.

I took these pics the weekend following my appointment.  We just trimmed the ends up, added some ashy blonde bayalage highlights back in around my face, and toned the color.  I don’t like mine brassy or to have a yellow color to it, I go for a very cool color rather than warm.

If you all have any questions be sure to message or email me.  If it’s hair related and I don’t know the answer I will find out for you.  && if you are interested in trying out Simply Blue then now is a great time.  They are running a special that is buy a $100 gift card and get $125 worth of services.  It would be a great  Valentine’s Day gift to yourself from yourself or from a loved one!  How crazy that v-day is one week away?

Coat || Hoodie || Jeans [went one size up] || Sneakers [went 1/2 size down] || Sunglasses || Chanel Handbag, similar here

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