During our honeymoon we spent some time in Barcelona and our favorite part–hands down–was staying at the Cotton House Hotel.

I will be doing a full recap of our honeymoon on the blog soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to highlight the nights we spent at the Cotton House Hotel. Because.. they were top notch fabulous!

I know after getting messages from you all on instagram that some of you have either stayed at the Cotton House Hotel before and loved it or have it on your bucket list so I am going to go into full detail on stay. If you have any questions after reading, don’t hesitate to message me.

We took a flight from Paris to Barcelona on a Sunday morning. The flight was with Air France and was only about 1.5hrs long so it was not stressful but after traveling through large airports, dealing with security and our luggage and navigating a cab ride our energy levels were a bit deflated.

I have said this before, but I will say it again because it just rings so true…

Hotels should NEVER underestimate the impact a friendly + warm welcome at arrival can have on a guest. It sets the tone for the entire stay. There are no negatives to a good first impression.

The Cotton House Hotel needs no schooling on this. They get it.

From the second we pulled up we were pleased with one thing after the other. Someone was outside of the hotel waiting to greet us after seeing our cab pull up and they quickly took our luggage inside. As we got checked in the staff offered us a refreshment. We gladly accepted two glasses of champagne and they were served to us in very heavy crystal cut glass flutes. Heaven.

The lobby is full of style + history, just like the rest of the hotel. There is a huge bundle of cotton on the counter, the sitting area houses an array of fashion magazines and impressive coffee table books and the ceiling is an art piece within itself.

The hotel building is the former home of the Cotton Textile Foundation. It was remodeled in 2015 and nods to the history are woven in throughout hotel. The grand marble staircase was kept, the ornate ceilings were restored, cotton bundles are used along side fresh flowers to decorate and one of the intimate rooms even houses an atelier where clients can have bespoke clothing items made.

The guest rooms are full of modern luxury. We were so pleasantly surprised when we were showed to ours. We stayed in one of the Cotton rooms. The layout is great. The finishes are gorge. Annnnd our room was SO kindly decorated by the hotel team to help us celebrate our honeymoon. Rose pedals everywhere! They added a few custom touches too–a special drawing on the mirror and some printed photos from our wedding and engagement that I had shared on my instagram.

Let’s chat about the bathroom for a second. There was door you could slide closed between the bedroom and sink/bathroom/shower area. Genius! I loved being able to slip out of bed before Ethan and close this while I was getting ready since it always takes me longer than him. This way he could catch some extra snoozies. My other favorite part was the shower and tub room. I have seen this combo before but never used one myself. I fell in LOVE. I 100% want one in a future home now. I use a long shower to unwind and warm up every night before bed so this room was amazing for me. Plenty of room to shower, shave and relax while still being closed off and cozy!

However, we have not even gotten to (in our opinion) the best part of staying at the Cotton House Hotel..

THE BREAKFAST SPREAD. It’s overwhelmingly good!

The first day we were shocked with the spread. After I knew what to expect, I looked forward to it. There are items you can offer off the menu each morning but we just stuck to the buffet because it was more than you could ever ask for. Meats, cheeses, breads, sweets, juices, etc etc. I saw a bowl of guacamole the first day and was intrigued. I love guacamole but was not sure how to eat it at breakfast time. I asked one of the staff members what she recommended and I am so glad I did. She told me to put some guacamole on a thick slice of bread and then add romesco sauce, some tomatoes and/or slices of bell peppers and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. It was SOOOO incredible. Romesco sauce was new to me but it was the magic ingredient. It is a thick and smooth light red creamy sauce that is made from sweet peppers. ps their lattes are divine too!

We also returned to the breakfast area later to have cocktails at the bar. They were top notch and the extra add ons make them very unique. One of mine came with a passion fruit on the top. It was so tasty! Overall, the staff is very attentive, kind and professional–this is no exception with the bartenders too. A+ service!

As far as the rest of the hotel, I will let the photos speak for themselves. As you all can see the decor was just so interesting and well done. I will say, that there is a feel to the first two levels of the hotel that I don’t know if you can grasp from the visuals. It’s a good feel. One that makes you want to come in and stay a while. For example, there are so many rooms with cozy sitting areas that make for the perfect place to settle in and sip a cocktail. Even if you don’t stay at Cotton House Hotel on your trip to Barcelona, be sure to put it on your list for a meal and cocktails!

My only wish was that we came when it was warm enough to take a dip in the fab pool! Next time! xx

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