Coming back home after a wonderful trip can be reeeeally hard. Here are a few post traveling tips that help me settle back in to “real life”.

Exploring a different city with Ethan is my favorite thing to do. Ever.

But, all good trips have an end.

&& I used to underestimate the sadness that follows after traveling. But now, I take it seriously. Yes, it feels so good to see our sweet pets and yes, it feels so good to sleep in our own bed but other than that (if I am being honest) I am usually just a bit depressed and grumpy when we have to push ourselves back into our normal routine.

Here are a few habits that help me ease back into things once we get home. They are not the best for you. They are not the most healthy. They are not the most productive. But they make the transition seem doable for me.

-GO EASY ON YOURSELF. This is the main, overarching tip I follow. For a few days, be lenient and don’t feel guilt for it.

-Don’t worry with eating healthy. Whatever sounds good, eat it and don’t look back. My thing used to be going to the Arbys drive through at lunch and eating curly fries with honey mustard.

-On the same note, don’t make yourself workout. Now–if you want to workout or it sounds good, go for it. If you have to beg and plead with yourself to do it then skip it.

-Take a shower ASAP when you walk in the door at home. Before you sit down or chill take a shower in your own bathroom. Shave your legs, wash your face, put on clean comfy clothes, the whole thing.

-Unpack your suitcase the day after you get home and do laundry. Don’t force yourself to unpack it within 10 min of getting in the door but go ahead and do it the next day so you can feel like you have a clean slate.

-Eat out. Don’t force yourself to do the whole grocery thing until at least the day after you get home.

-Make sure the night you’re home after your first day back at work is an easy one. Not a night where you have a home to-do list after your work to-do list ends. Just a really easy night where you can change clothes, eat dinner and cuddle in on the couch.

-Now, this is something I suggest you do before you leave on a trip. Clean your house. There is nothing better than coming back to a very clean house. The BEST.

Clearly, there has to be an end to all this but for the first day or three it is nice. Then slowly start adding things back in until you get back to your norm.

On a positive note–happy hump day! xx

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