If you are a local reader then this is going to be a treat.. because I want to chat with you all about a little hidden gem that I discovered recently in Lexington.  The Spa at Griffin Gate!

The manager at The Spa invited me in to see the facilities and have a full day of treatments.  I was BEYOND excited because I have never done a spa day before.  I have had massages in the past but never at a full service spa (they were just rushed in and out appointments).  And I had never experienced a facial.  But– I was game!

the atmosphere My biggest take away from The Spa was the atmosphere.  It is like walking into a relaxing bubble, that you never want to leave.

When I arrived to the Marriot Griffin Gate hotel the lobby was packed and the hustle and bustle was real.. I think there was a conference going on.  The front desk workers pointed me to a back hallway where I walked past a gym and pool and then entered into gift shop where I found the front desk for The Spa.  The employee was so kind and welcoming as she checked me in for my appointments and then she led me down a small staircase.  That’s when everything changed (sounds dramatic I know, but IT WAS dramatic)!

I was immediately greeted with a softly lit lounge area of cozy couches and a fireplace–cue the relaxation mode.  They do an excellent job of cutting The Spa off from the outside world.  It felt like I wasn’t even in Lexington anymore!  The employee showed me to the locker room where I could change into my robe and sandals (they were chic black sliders, that I actually wanted to keep ha!) and then I lounged for a bit before being greeted by my masseuse.

the treatments I started with a moroccanoil treatment, then had a facial and ended with a blow out.

The moroccanoil treatment started with a hair mask and body scrub.  Then I washed off and rinsed my hair out in an attached warm and steamy shower room.  I came back to the table after for a full body massage with hot stones and a scalp massage.  Ahh-maze!  I hold tons of tension in my neck and shoulders and am always dealing with discomfort from knots.  This is the first massage I’ve ever had where the masseuse was so knowledgeable that she immediately was able to determine where the majority of the discomfort was coming from and worked on areas accordingly.  Hands down the best massage I have EVER had.  On top of that, we totally clicked!  Stephanie, I will be back. 😉

I was not sure what to expect from a facial, since I had never had one.  The esthetician was amazing though.  She talked with me to get some details on my skin–I told her about my rosacea and IPL and microneedling treatments.  From there she explained about the products they use and told me she would decide what my skin needed after getting a closer look.  She explained every step to me and made sure to avoid anything that would not be good for my rosacea.  I loved hearing how knowledgeable she was.  The facial and neck massage was my favorite part but I also loved when she extracted some black heads from my nose (it was painful but so worth it) and applied a mask she mixed up to my face that peeled off in once piece at the end (she described the consistency as that of icing)!

The hair salon where I got my blow out is great too.  She used a few Moroccanoil products on my hair then too!

But keep in mind– The Spa is full service!  So you can check out all the options that you can book here.

the perks I have been spreading the word to everyone I know about The Spa–that’s how you know it’s good right??  I think a treatment would make for an excellent gift!  And even better, there are now memberships available.  You can have access to the pools, gym, sauna, spa relaxing areas and have a treatment done each month.  Genius.

 Annnd you will be seeing more of The Spa because we are having one of my bridal showers there very soon!  I cannot wait.  Seriously.  Counting down the days.  If you are local and going to visit be sure to send me a message–I want to live vicariously through you and hear all about it! xx

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