I know this is v specific– but, it’s true.  I love grey topshop sweaters and here’s why…

They make a few great ones every year.  And every year I buy them.  They are incredibly soft and just an easy wear.  I end up reaching for them more than the others in my closet.  I think that’s because I wear them with all kinds of outfits– with work pants and flats, with jeans and mules, with leggings and sneakers, and I even pair them (so often) with pj bottoms when lounging around the house.  Versatile.

Also.. they stand the one year test.  Meaning, after I wear them for a season and then they hang in my closet for months I still get excited to wear them the next year.  Snag good basics and this will be the case.

This sweater is first grey topshop sweater for them year.  It won’t be the last.  [wearing sz 6 US (2-4)]

Here are a couple others I’m loving:

Now–go enjoy your FRIDAY!  Cheers to the weekend, babes. xx

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