Not going to lie.. things have gotten busy and your girl is stressed.  But first, let’s discuss this plaid blazer.

I have been ordering tons of stuff lately to get all my outfits in order for wedding festivities.  (I also returned approx. 15 boxes to UPS, USPS and FedEx yesterday haha! ..But that’s just part of the process.)  This plaid blazer doesn’t necessarily fit into any of the OOTDs I am planning for the next few weeks but I searched for one all last year and never found one I loved.  I’m liking the thickness and color of this one so I think I will keep it and possible wear it on our mini-moon.  I love the idea of styling it with a black hoodie and sneakers! [wearing a M. FYI-it is oversized ,which is what I wanted]

Yesterday I made the mistake of logging into a site that had our wedding countdown on it–32 days it said.  EEK!  We have some really fun times ahead, but for now it’s GO TIME.  Time to get everything finalized and stuff checked off the list.  I spent 4 hrs trying to place a cocktail napkin order yesterday.  So–behind the scenes that’s the kind of stuff I’m dealing with haha.

But, last weekend was one for the books!  Stay tuned because Friday I will be sharing a full recap of my bridal shower!! xx

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