UNDER $100

All these items are a YES in my book and under $100!

HAIR DRYERI purchased this hair dryer 6 yrs ago and it finally went out on me a couple months ago. I was using a different one for a while that I had in my closet as a backup but it was not cutting it. I repurchased this Hot Tools one last week.

ANINE BING T-SHIRTI am the biggest Anine Bing fan and this new graphic that just released Tuesday is calling my name.

EAR CUFFS – I have been looking for a set like this for a while. I want to try out some ear cuffs so I cab get the look of an extra piercing in between my lobe and cartilage without the hole.

PURPLE SHAMPOO This is still my favorite shampoo for an cool blonde color. I need to repurchase this week. It is the only one I have tried that still gives a good lather when washing and leaves body in my hair.

FLIP FLOPSThese are basic but perfect. I have wanted a pair for years and always end up forgetting to order. Changing that this year. These come in every color of the rainbow.

SNAKE DRESSI am wanting to try out an inexpensive snakeskin piece since I know it is trendy and I might tire of it quickly. This easy dress seems perfect.

WHITE T-SHIRTThis has a boxy fit and seems like a good non-see through cotton. Perfect to pair with numerous outfits.

PEARL CLIPS These are so on trend right now. I want to try them since I just chopped my hair!

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