Admittedly, I am feeling a little uninspired today. && that is ok, because that happens. So–I decided to share 6 things that I use daily that always make me feel a little more put-together!

L’OREAL LUMI GLOTION – I received this in a PR package and have since repurchased it several times. I can’t imagine living without it now. It provides a base layer of glow, a touch of color and wakes my face up. When I wear liquid foundation, I mix some of this with this on my palm before I apply. When I wear powder, I apply this all over my face first. My shade is MEDIUM.

FIRST AID BEAUTY ULTRA REPAIR CREAM – I use this as my moisturizer on my face at night and during the day. I took it to my dermatologist and she approved it. It is so silky and not greasy or thick. My only wish is that it contained SPF.

MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER PLUS FOUNDATION – I have worn this since high school. It still holds up! During the week I wear it alone. On the weekends I pat it over my cheeks (where I have redness) or anywhere else I need extra coverage after my foundation. I like that you can build it up to give more coverage as needed. It’s so practical for me during the week because it’s super fast to apply in the morning and I can easily apply another layer all over my face after work and before the evening (if we are going somewhere). I swear by this brush to apply it. My color is C5. I wore NW30 for years but switched to C5 when the redness in my cheeks showed up because it has more of a golden undertone in comparison to a rosy one.

DARPHIN HAND & NAIL CREAM – I am so, so picky when it comes to any kind of lotion. I was sent this to test out from the team at Anthropology and I fell in LOVE. It is a thicker hand cream but it is not greasy or icky. It not only leaves your hands really soft, but it also helps with your cuticles and the skin around your nails. I have never tried a product that does both. This makes my manicures look better longer because the dryness around my nails always comes on fast. I use it daily and it was especially great to have with me while traveling when I was washing my hands a ton and using a lot of hand sanitizer. This is the only Darphin product I have tried but I like it so much that I need to investigate into their others!

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO – I have tried so many dry shampoos but this is always my favorite. I go through a lot of it but it’s definitely worth it. I use a light layer of it on the day I wash my hair to add texture and volume. I use heavier sprays of it on the days I do not wash my hair. I spray it at the roots and then flip my head upside down and rub it in with my fingertips in circular motions. Don’t be afraid to really work it in. Your hands should mimic how you wash your hair in the shower. Make sure you wash your hands after to get the powder off.

FIRST AID BEAUTY ULTRA REPAIR INTENSIVE LIP BALM – This is the best to apply right before bed nightly. I have used several others but this is the winner. It is too thick for me to wear during the day but great for overnight.

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