I am beyond thrilled to announce that we are working with  Bryan Starr Cinematography for our upcoming wedding!

After we got engaged in March we started planning our wedding.  Once the venue and date were nailed down–we chose Berry Mansion on Nov 10th–the next thing Ethan and I were anxious to book was the photographer [more on that to come!] and the videographer.

Makes sense, right??  After all, Ethan and I are both visual and creative people and we felt really strongly about having the experience documented.  It would be a shame to have such an epic night go down and not be able to relive it after the fact.  Our thought is.. Who needs a cake?  We need a video.  Something that we can watch time and time again and something that will be filled with memories.

Ethan and I were really picky when searching for someone to work with though.  As much as we wanted a video, we did NOT want something cookie cutter.  I feel like I have seen the exact same wedding video a millllllion times.

We wanted to hire someone who would create a piece of art.  Who would tell our story.  Someone who would capture the love at our event.  We really wanted the vibe of the wedding to be showcased and for it to feel uniquely like us.  Once I stumbled across Bryan Starr on instagram we did not look back.  I shared his page with Ethan and we instantly knew (that if it worked out) the search would be over.  I was confident that we were a good fit once I watched one of his videos.

Here is a clip that showcases Bryan’s work:

Once I took a look at his website I understood why we were drawn to his art.  Bryan has nailed down what I was describing above and is able to offer it to his clients.  He calls it The Adventure Package and explains it by saying,

“it’s more than just recording the event… it’s about capturing the feeling”.  

He describes this style as–a creative edit, an artistic and dreamlike approach, and a hyper-stylistic manner that grabs the viewer’s attention.

You can scroll through more of Bryan’s videos here.  && this is another clip that I love:

If you are looking for a more cinematic documentation then he is your guy! Bryan is based in Louisville, KY but is open to traveling.  Important to note–his scope is broad and not limited to just wedding coverage.  He also does killer videos for events, product launches and showcases.  You have to watch this clip.  So electric!

This video is something we will have forever and be able to share with so many of our friends + family–both now and in the future.  I can’t wait to see what Bryan comes up with.  I will be sharing with you all, so stay tuned!

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