Sometimes in Kentucky I can’t always dress for Fall when it rolls around (hello.. 80 degree temps that stick around too long).  That just means, I get even more excited to add Fall touches to our decor inside!  Nothing stopping me from adding my festive pumpkin to the credenza, right??  This year we headed to Gordmans to grab some new items.

I am a firm believer that your seasonal decor should still match your style and vibe.  Think outside of the box and mix in pieces you like with items that you would already use in your home when it is not a holiday season.  This will make the Halloween/Christmas/V-Day/Easter, etc decor blend.  It will not seem tacky and you will not get tired of it in 7 days.

Going to a place that offers a ton of variety is key when using this method of decorating.  Gordmans was PERFECT for that.

This was my plan of attack..

Head straight for the holiday section and pick out items that you like, not items that are in style.  For us, this means things that are fairly simple and do not have too much bold color.  When you find an item you like in the mix of the whole holiday display take it and place it on a nearby shelf by itself or hold it out away from the other decor.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if you love an item solo when it is surrounded with so many other things.  Once you’re sold on it, add it to your cart.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself either, you only need a couple things to make an impact!  For us, this was the velvet pumpkins, the little bird, the cat “check meowt” mug, the tiny white mini pumpkins and the statement black and white pumpkin with the spooky birds.

Next, go over to the section of the store that is not holiday related.  The one that is always there with lamps, bowls, vases, etc.  That is where we picked up these inexpensive vases for the flowers and velvet pumpkins.  They match our style perfectly.

And last but certainly not least.. go for the candle display!  Adding new and festive candles in the mix ALWAYS helps.  We love getting our candles at Gordmans because they are so heavily discounted.  We have them burning in our home so often so this is key.  I always grab a few extras too so I have them on hand for gifts.

Once you get home you can add everything that is new in the mix with a few items you already had out.  Case in point-our coffee table books, framed photos from our travel (that large one over the credenza was one Ethan took when we were shopping in the KITH store in Miami) and marble board.

Planning out decor in this order keeps the shopping from being an overwhelming experience.  Highly suggest!

They did have some Christmas decor out already at Gordmans too when we were there.  I did not let myself get into that aisle fully–but it did get me REALLY excited!  I will definitely be going back for some of those goodies soon.



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