Gifting for the holidays can be an overwhelming process.  I personally love shopping for others and putting together presents but I know not everyone feels that way, so today I am sharing why I love gift baskets + how to put the perfect one together!  This year we grabbed all the goodies included in ours at Gordmans in Lex.

Over the years I have done a million and one different types of gift baskets for people.  And here’s why..

They can be built from items you keep on hand.  I cant stress enough how helpful it is to stock up on items (keep reading, I give examples of what to buy specifically) so you always have something to pick from without needing to run out and make time for shopping.  Designate a place in your house to store them so you can keep track of what you have and can grab them when you need.  We keep any extras that we have in our credenza drawers.

You can easily customize your basket. This makes it personal for whoever is on your list.  Sometimes gift baskets can seem like a cop out gift.  But if you choose the items yourself with the recipient in mind, then they are just the opposite.  Add a bottle of their favorite bubbly or stick in their go-to chocolate bar for a special touch.

They seem significant.  Sorting through several items always feels like a fun journey when you are opening a gift!

I’ve done gift baskets for all sorts of occasions in the past.  For my former boss at Christmas, for Ethan’s parents when we were newly dating, for my aunts when they hosted a wedding shower for me, for a home owner who allowed us to vacation in their house, etc etc.  Each gift basket I do is different, but here are a few “rules” I follow that help me put them together.

choose popular items Things like candles and blankets work well in any home and are great for any age or gender!

buy in neutral color scheme That will ensure that your recipient will be able to place your items in their home.

add something to give it shape I usually go for a marble board, a wooden cutting tray or a basket.  The add your other gifts on top or inside.

finish with cellophane wrapping paper + ribbon That will make it seem complete and it does not take long to do.  Just don’t underestimate how much paper it can take.  I usually buy at least two rolls of this at a time so I don’t run out.

If you need a little inspiration for your own baskets, here is a list of items that you could pick up at any Gordmans.  Any combination of these would work perfectly and would be a fab gift.

candles (always my #1 buy)


wine/champagne glasses

flower vases


photo frames

kitchen glasses

storage baskets

gift cards

coffee mugs

pet treats

bath salts

kitchen utensils

dish towels

I suggest getting them at Gordmans specifically because you can find quality items for a discounted price.  We found some of our favorite candles there this time and they were on additional sale making them only $4.95.  And they were full size too!  We also found some champagne glasses we love and the set was marked down to under $4.  There are hardly any stores where you can find items at that price point that are actually worth having.

Ok, and one last tip.  You can easily dumb this concept down and use it for a hostess gift too!  We all know you shouldn’t show up to someones home without a little something for the host.  It doesn’t have to be a multi-part gift basket like we talked about before.  Just pick one of the items from your stock pile and embellish it.

For example, grab one of the vases and add some fresh flowers to it.  It’s the perfect time to have some fresh blooms on the table when you have company so the host will thank you.  I added some festive tinsel to the vase I did most recently to jazz it up and make the arrangement seem like more of an intentional and thoughtful gift.  After the party is over and the flowers have wilted, the host can add the vase to their collection to use the next time around!

Or you could bring a bottle of wine. That’s always a winning idea (bonus points if you make sure it’s the hosts favorite type), but how about expanding on that and adding a set of the stemless wine glasses you have on hand? Tie a bow around the box or the wine to make it seem well thought out.

I hope these tips help.  Enjoy putting your gifts together this season! xx

ps, shout out to the Gordmans team in Lex for always being so kind.  They always wrap up a million candles from my cart with a smile on their face and that is much appreciated!

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