[easy] travel look

travel2travelWe’re currently on the road headed to Asheville to meet Ethan’s fam!  My sis (love you, Leah!) came over and got Milly last night and we dropped Remi off this morning at the kennel (he was SO excited) so it’s all vacation mode over here and I couldn’t be happier!  I really wanted to get in bed and watch the Real Housewives of NY episode last night [priorities] so I just threw a ton of stuff in a suitcase and called it a night.  I wasn’t in the mood to make decisions on outfits so I just brought tons and moved on, haha!  That’s the beauty of a road trip over a flight I guess.  Do you all ever do that?  I usually like to prep ahead of time for a trip and pair things down but sometimes it’s nice to just not even have to worry with it!  My travel look is linked for you all below.  Hint, hint: it’s wayyy laid back and comfy, just how I like it! This tank and scarf are a steal and my new sports bra and tote bag are a part of the #NSale that’s going on for a few more days! 🙂 Happy Friday Eve! signature

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