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We were in Washington, DC for the long weekend and had such a good few days!  I have several outfit posts to share with you all this week!

On Saturday we strolled around some before lunch and saw the monuments.  In my book there’s nothing better than a long weekend without a schedule & this one was just that.  We were realllly hot [the temps were up there] but we were also really happy to just be enjoying the city together.  It was a relief to duck into the shade and snap these pics!

I purchased a few things before our trip and I was so happy to have them! You know how sometimes before you go on a trip you do some internet searching and come up with all the wrong things?  Well, thankfully I hit the nail on the head with these!  I bought this little Tory Burch cross-body bag and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.  It’s very structured.  This was a must because I knew I wanted a bag that I wouldn’t have to worry about loosing its shape as I packed it in my carryon or carried it on my hip during the day.  It has a thin pocket on the outside of the front that is perfect for sticking my phone into and the cross-body strap is adjustable so I could shorten it up to where I like it.  The price point is surprisingly good & it also comes in white, tan & red!  I thought these studded Sam Edelman sandals would go well with looks from day to night and they were actually comfy to walk in too.  They are 30% off right now and come in three other cute colors to boot!  (I almost went with the nude option..)  These sunnies are so fun right–they’re a matte finish and a cute, cute shape & only $50!  This hat [& some dry shampoo-this one is the BEST, I’m completely hooked] was a lifesaver, seriously!  I wore it everyday!  Oh & lastly–this black top is a great, easy to throw on staple for your closet [also on sale!  40% off!].

Ok–& the clothes are good and all, but the deets I have to share on the food are even better.  We stopped into GCDC for lunch and we were so happy we did!  I had the BEST sandwich I’ve ever ordered.  Their specialties are grilled cheese and mine had prosciutto, dates & goat cheese! So, so yummy!

Stay tuned for some additional travel looks later this week!  How was your long weekend?  I will say that I am feeling a little left out on the family BBQ and pool time front–maybe we can squeeze some of that in next weekend!


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