Haaaaappy Hump day, babes!  Sharing a fall look with you all (yes, I’m already pumped for the season change ahead) and something that has been on my mind…

I did something on Monday that I don’t ALWAYS do and it felt really good so I wanted to let you all in on it–and just type it out for myself so it would stick in my brain more.  Ethan texted me in the morning saying he had scheduled a workout class at 5:30.  We usually go together so I clicked into my app to look at the classes/teachers offered for the day.  Then I thought–no, I am not feeling it.  I was just having one of those days where I was in one of those moods where having someone tell me what to do sounded like ughhhh.  Just not into it.  Do you all ever have those days? So instead of scheduling a group class (which I usually love, btw) I just went and walked on the treadmill for one hour and listened to a podcast (which you can check out here).  I totally zoned out and really, really enjoyed it.  I ended up walking over 4 miles and was in a great mood after!  The alternative would have been one of two things–(1) I forced myself to sign up for a class anyway and was in a grumpy mood or (2) I skipped the gym all together and felt guilty and lazy.

Moral of the story?  Listen to your body and mind and give into your mood/feelings.  When you can..  I know there are lots of things that we have to power through and do even if we don’t feel like it.  But, if it’s something that you have flexibility with then give yourself a little room to alter the plan.  Do whatever just sounds good at the time.  You’ll be happier and that makes it worth it!  We don’t always need to be so hard on ourselves.

Ok–on to the less serious stuff like the clothes.  This outfit is inspired by the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that is going on now.  The jacket and t-shirt are new and marked down and there are some similar jeans and white mules included too!  I linked them all below for you all to shop.  [wearing a topshop sz 8 in the jacket and a small in the t-shirt]  My sunglasses are full price but they are only $55 and a really fab pair.  Very oversized and perfect for no makeup, hair in a bun days!

ps, I went two sizes up in this jacket to have a really oversized one for layering sweaters under.  I already have a fitted one in my closet.  However, it does run true to size so if you are looking for a fitted style then get your regular size.



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