I did a sweep through the whole Nordstrom Anniversary sale and here are the items that I think are worth buying!  Happy shopping!


I started this blog post by jotting down a handwritten list of what I want my fall/winter wardrobe to look like.  I tried to keep it minimal and big picture.  This will [hopefully] help me stay focused on what direction I want my personal style to go in this year and give me hints on what I need to buy.  It can get really hard this time of year when so many things are on sale–sometimes you just buy things you see other people scooping up or buy things just because they seem like SUCH a good deal.  But over the years I have found that those are not the items that end up in my closet long term.  So, this year I am going to try and take a step back and just buy with this list in mind.  I am sure I will add to this, but here is what I have scribbled down for now!

Moving on to the group of shoes and pants up above..  I have a pair of F21 sock booties that I have worn tons so this year I will definitely buy another pair.  I really like the style to wear under straight-leg jeans.  Those pointy toe options were my faves from the sale.  And the sneakers and mules seem like the perfect go-to pairs to wear on the weekends/to work!  I am going to be super into the straight leg, ankle pants this year with sneakers and a simple sweater so I included a couple pairs of those.  I think it will be nice to mix that look in and give myself a break from denim.  I also love a mini skirt so I had to include a faux leather option.  Yassss.

The top selection from the sale is like a bit–woah.  There’s so many!  I kept my selection to tunics–things you’d wear with leggings/sneakers on the weekend or with pants/flats to work, sweaters–mainly crewneck options for coverage and investment pieces and layering pieces–ones to wear tucked in and under motos.

Outerwear is where I spend a lot of money during the sale.  Pieces I work into multiple outfits that have price tags that are harder to pull the trigger on at full price.  I am still stalking the website and hoping I can get my hands on that nude hooded moto to try.  I bet it comes back in stock–but the color may be a little dull or pink-toned for my liking.  We’ll see! Needless to say though, some great options here.  I have already worn that cashmere wrap (I ordered it day one of the sale, which you can see in this post)!

And although it is never my first order from the sale, I do always grab a few items other than clothes.  Above are my selections from home + beauty!  ps, I can tell you that blanket/throw is a good one.  I am currently wrapped up in the one I have from last years sale as I type this!  It would make a great gift item to have on hand too.

Hope this helps as you browse!


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