My brother graduated college a couple weekends ago and my parents threw a party for him last Saturday. This was what I wore..


Let’s break down the look and talk details.

TOP This is a new find. I ordered this bag from the site and happened to see this shirt while browsing so I threw it in my order too. I always find that tops like this come in very handy because they go with so many things. [wearing xs]

SKIRT Loved this little leopard number. It is such an easy wear and perfect for summer. I will pair with black and graphic/band tees in the future too I think. FYI–it comes with two ruffles on the bottom but I cut one off because the original length was too long on me. [wearing s]

TENNIES These were gifted to me from the Marc Fisher team and I ended up LOVING them. OBSESSED. The platform makes them a really cute option for skirts and dresses. Highly recommend this pair. I love the black and silver accents on the back as well. [tts, wearing 7.5US]

RHINESTONE NECKLACE I raved about my new jewelry here and have not stopped wearing it since. This necklace is a new daily piece for me. I wear it with EVERYTHING.

NAME NECKLACE I ordered this after our wedding with my new last name! I wear it daily too.

SPIKE EARRINGS So into these right now! They are just the right size.

RHINESTONE BAR EARRINGS I wear these in my second hole. SO cute.

EAR CUFF I just got this and love adding it for a little extra!

TAN I am trying these drops out right now. You just mix them in with your moisturizer.

SUNGLASSES Mine are old so I don’t see the same color combo anymore but I linked a similar Ray-Ban pair.

LIPS I wear the shade Minimal.

I ended up LOVING this casual look. It will definitely be repeated on vacation next week! xx


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