I have shared my love with Anine Bing with you all before. I cannot get enough! Here are the latest items I added to my collection..


I am into just about everything that Anine Bing comes out with. And one day I would love to have a piece of her jewelry or a pair of her boots (swoon). In the meantime, I stick to buying her casual items whenever I have the chance. The sweatshirts and t-shirts are so good and I get tons and tons of wear out of them since they fit into my everyday style so well. I love how they have a relaxed, vintage feel.

I got this sweatshirt as a part of the most recent sale on, which VERY rarely happens. I signed up for text alerts and as soon as I got it on my phone I scrolled and bought this piece immediately. I went with the xs/s and I will say while I don’t mind the oversized fit, it is super long. I have been tucking the waist band into my pants when I wear it but I think I am actually going to get it altered so it stays up above my hips.

This t-shirt was another item included in the sale that I snagged. It has more color than I usually wear but I loved that it had a white background. I did not have one of her tees in white so I went for it. I like it paired with a black blazer!

And lastly, this sweatshirt. I have ordered this but actually haven’t received it yet in the mail. Very excited about it though! I love the neutral, light color. I am excited to pair it with some gold layered necklaces.

Happy Valentine’s! Our plan is to have some bubbly at home and then go out for a late dinner (we love a 9 o’clock reservation on the weekends) at our number one restaurant choice in Lex. The countdown to cocktails, bruschetta and pasta at Portofinos is on! This is where we got engaged (read the story here!) and where we have chosen to celebrate countless holidays and have even had tons of occasion whatsoever meals. It’s the best. I’m also looking forward to having a lazy morning on Sat. I washed the sheets today so the bed will be nice and cozy. Nothing better, right? Annnd Ethan’s gift came in the mail at the 11th hour today so we are set up for a good weekend. I love a holiday that falls on a Friday!

I hope you all celebrate in any way that makes you happy. xx


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