I have had dermaplaning done twice now so I thought it was time to give you my feedback on it.



Dermaplaning is when an aesthetician uses a small blade to exfoliate your skin. The skin is pulled tight and the blade is swept over in short motions removing layers of dead skin.


All the peach fuzz on your face is gone (YES!) and you are left with new smoother skin showing. This allows your makeup to go on much better. It can also reduce fine lines and congestion in pores.


Nope! I have a ton of blonde peach fuzz all over my face and while it did grow back after my first treatment, it not thicker or darker. I even thought there might be a little less of it. The texture as it starts to come back can be a tad prickly since the hair was removed with a straight blade however it quickly softens.


Not at all! In fact, the whole facial is very enjoyable! A common myth is that you get tiny cuts on your face from the blade. This isn’t the case! But it may be one of the many reasons why you want to go to a reputable and trained aesthetician to get the procedure done.


None. I had my first one the Monday the week of our wedding and my second one was the day before we left on our honeymoon. You don’t have to avoid washing your face or wearing makeup after the treatment.


I had mine done with Jill at the Marriot Griffin Gate Spa in Lexington, KY. If you are local and haven’t been to The Spa then you are missing out. It’s the best hidden gem! Read more about it in my post HERE + see my bridal shower there HERE.

And I have to brag on Jill a bit too. She is the most thorough and knowledgeable person! She impresses me each time with her attention to detail during the procedure. She stays very up to date on ingredients, products and medication too. I mentioned to her that I had started a medication that my dermatologist prescribed me (for a breakout I was having on my chin) and she immediately knew what I was talking about. I liked that she knew exactly what was in the medication and was able to add that to her knowledge about my skin and history. The last time I was in she took extra time with me afterwards to explain products, give me samples and answer any outstanding questions I had. She really goes above and beyond with her clients and gives SUPER honest feedback. No sales tactics, just someone you can trust! If you are not local I suggest searching around to try and find someone like her.


$130, 50 minutes


After my first dermaplaning I did nothing to maintain it. The second time around I ordered these to try afterward. I have heard girls RAVING about them so I think they are worth a try. I would love to keep the peach fuzz off my face all the time. I am so glad this is such a huge trend in the beauty industry right now. I never would have thought to do this otherwise! Did you know apparently Marilyn Monroe said her biggest beauty secret was shaving her face?? Who knew!


Totally! Prior to my most recent dermaplaning I just felt like my skin was icky and needed to be cleaned off. I know those are not very advanced terms, haha, but I think that meant I was in major need of an exfoliation.

If you are on the fence and have any other questions shoot me a message! Happy to chat about my experiences with the procedure more. xx

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