I took some photos as I was packing up for our honeymoon of our new suitcase set and packing cubes. They are both making my travel life much better!


We had a hard case suitcase set previously that I really liked. So I knew when we decided it was time for another set (we registered for it for our wedding) that I wanted to keep that same style.

Hard case is key when flying! I’ve found that it protects everything inside better.

I also wanted it to be lightweight and have 360 wheels. These things don’t matter as much to Ethan because he always packs light and is strong enough to pull and throw the suitcase around. But–to me they are everything! I want the shell of the case to be really light. I always have a hard time keeping my case under the (usually) $50 pound airline limit so I don’t want to add any extra weight from the case if not necessary. Also, I have found that it is much easier to transport a case with wheels that move all the way around. I can use two hands to just push the suitcase straight forward if needed instead of tilting it to pull with one.

We looked for a black set because.. they are so much more chic.

Luggage gets really beat up (there’s no way around it, other than a private plane haha) so we like to get sets that are reasonably priced. Then, we don’t worry a thing about them scratching etc and when they need to be replaced so be it. I wouldn’t want the stress of an expensive set.

The only other thing that is important to note on this set was the double pocket zipper pouches on the divider. So handy!

You can shop our suitcase set HERE.

And on to the packing cubes. These are a completely new product to me. My mom and Scott got me this marble set for Christmas. I thought it would help me stay more organized, But, they are even better than I imagined! I love packing with them.

They each have a zipper pouch in the back, a handle on top and a spot for a label.

I used one for all my underwear and in the back zipper I added a plastic grocery bag so I could add my worn pairs in it and keep them separate from the clean ones.

In another cube I added my bras and socks. I put my sticky bras and fashion tape in the back zipper.

The larger cubes were perfect for clothes. I added t-shirts in one and evening clothes in the other. I rolled everything and laid it in so I could unzip and see all my options. I like the idea of keeping my casual wear and dressier items apart. This way I can unzip the evening cube when I am changing for dinner and see what options I brought.

I do think I could use another set. I didn’t end up having enough cubes for everything. I think I’ll add more to our collection in the future! They are really helpful.

Shop the packing cubes HERE.

I am also eyeing this set HERE.

Sorry! I couldn’t resist one more pic featuring the pets! You know how curious animals are when you’re packing up to leave!

I hope you all are having a good week! Keep up with our trip on my Instagram! xx

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