I have struggled more with finding a dress for the rehearsal dinner for our wedding than I did finding my actual wedding dress!

Soooo… yes, I have my wedding dress!  I have a fitting scheduled for next month so I will get to try it on soon!  I am both excited and nervous about that, haha.  But, since I can’t share that dress with you all until our big day (Nov 1oth!), let’s move on to chatting about the rehearsal dinner dress.

I think I am having a hard time finding what to wear the night before becuase I don’t know exactly what I want.  So my searches have been a little all over the place.  Here is what I have decided (or at least as of now, it is still subject to change I’m sure haha)…

  • I want something that feels chic and gives a bit of a downtown glamor vibe, without being too fussy or dressy.  I still want it to be rather simplistic.
  • I’m not into the white, ruffle dresses that I come across when I google ‘rehearsal dinner dress’.  I want something a bit more unexpected.  Less “bride” and more evening party.
  • I think I am leaning towards wearing black.  Ethan suggested doing a cream dinner jacket when I told him this, which made me like the idea even more.
  • I initially thought I would incorporate these heels into a look (I already have them), but now I am really wanting to get a new pair of white pumps!
  • I’m into the idea of a midi dress.  This way the heels could have a moment and since it is going to be November, it might be more fitting for the weather as opposed to a mini.

This MCQ Alexander McQueen dress checks a lot of those boxes.  The quality is amazing and I love that the sequins have a touch of iridescence to them.  (That was a surprise when I opened the box!)  However, I am not loving the relaxed fit on me.  I just don’t think it is flattering to me through the shoulders and arms.  I think it will have to go back.  Which is a bummer!  I did notice when I was linking it for this blog post that it is now on MAJOR sale.  In fact, that does makes me question .. should I call to get a price adjustment and keeping it to get alterations done?  What do you all think?

ps, here are a few other dresses that have caught my eye.

Happy Friday!  If you missed my wedding update post from last Friday you can catch up on that here.  I am going to be adding everything from this series to the tab called wedding on my homepage so you can also find them there in the future.  After I published the blog last week I had two readers reach out to me and say they are getting married on Nov 10th too!  How fun??!

oh and pss, I am going to do a wedding Q & A soon so send me your questions!  You can email them to me at or message me on IG at @weekendwishing.

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