CHEERS to Friday!  I’m sharing a couple of my wish lists with you all today.  One is full of luxury items that I am “window shopping” and the other is made up of items that are more reasonable and buyable.

You can click on any item above to shop!  As you can see I am still gravitating towards neutrals and I am craving some new sneakers and sunnies for the warmer months that are heading our way.  I haven’t switched over into thinking about bathing suits and shorts just yet but I am sure that is coming.  Right about now I would be happy to just have bare ankles out again.  We got another dusting of snow last night!

In other news, I got such a bad headache last night.  Soooo today’s goal is going to be to drink way, way more water (I think it was because I was dehydrated).  Water now and wine later.  Who’s with me??

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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