Catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 if you haven’t already!

I can’t lie I am really happy to be home.  I am in some serious need of some couch cuddling time [& maybe pizza] to recoup from the busy weekend I just had.  Buuuuut, I do want to share Day 3 with you all still becuase we packed so many things in and ended the conference with a bang!

The morning started off with a quick breakfast from the Nobu restaurant that was located in our hotel and was followed by a trip up to the Brand Meeting Hall.  rewardStyle does a great job of making the brands that attend the conference available to chat with.  One of the ways they do this is by gathering all the brands in a room together and allowing them to set up their own booth.  Then we are able to walk around and have a conversation with their reps and get to know their mission a little better while viewing some of their currently available items or new product.  This is one of my favorite parts of the conference because while I do love to work with brands on WW, I always want to make sure they are a good fit for both me and my readers.

Another way we are able to connect to brands while at the conference, is my having quick sit down meetings with them and a rewardStyle employee.  This allows for a better chance to explain what sort of blog Weekend Wishing is and hear what plans they have in the coming months for their retail lines, events & marketing.  I had a few of those before and after lunch.  && speaking of….

Lunch was pretty amaze.  Topshop hosted a gorgeous garden lunch for us in the courtyard of the hotel.  The food was excellent, the table scape was so pretty and the flower wall provided a great backdrop for photos.  Can you imagine how many bloggers wanted a pic snapped?  Haha!  It’s great becuase for once it’s the norm to take a photo of your food before you even have a bite and no one minds when you need a few trys before getting your hair to look right in the wind when getting your #ootd shot!

In the afternoon, I had a chance to listen to Rachel Parcell speak.  She was interviewed about her life, her Pink Peonies blog, & her clothing line.  I had seen her outside of the hotel the day before becuase she was snapping photos in the same location that we were and she was so kind.  We chatted with her for a few minutes and she just came across very real, humble and sweet so I was excited to hear her talk.  It was so inspirational to hear the ways that she has grown her business and get advice from her.

Afterwards it was time to go up and change and prep for the finale party!  This was probably the most anticipated event of the conference becuase we were celebrating the launch of the LTK app.  The party was black tie optional this year and at a different location than the hotel.

I got together with Torey of Torey’s Treasures, Brittany of Loverly Grey & Molly of Molly’s Musings to grab a glass of wine and snap some photos.  Molly is not only a great blogger but also a talented photographer and she was kind enough to take these photos and send them to me so I could share with you all!

My dress is a complete steal.  I considered buying it for an event last year and ended up passing so when I saw it was still available before my trip I ordered it right up!  It’s even on sale now.  I just thought… how often do you get to dress like an actual disco ball?? Right?  The lower back is really cute too.  I paired mine with very simple and neutral shoes since the dress steals the show all on it’s own.  [wearing an xs]

Dress || Heels, similar option here

rewardStyle coordinated busses to pick us up and take us to the event.  The party actually took place in a few different locations!   We had drinks up on an outside patio to start off the night and it was so pretty to be able to see the city.  Then they moved the crowd into a downstairs room that included a few huge LTK balloons!  Later on we were having a drink and dancing right outside when suddenly a drum line appeared and performed right in front of us!  It was amazing.  And then they motioned for us to follow and turned and started walking to our next location.  We ended the night dancing the night away [my feet are literally still numb in parts] in an outdoor location with a killer song list.  && side note:  Caroline of Currently Caro is just as big of a Bravo Tv fan as I am, so we got to go chat with Juliet Angus of Ladies of London because she was also attending the conference and she was SOOO great!

I know these posts have been a little lengthy–sorry!  But I really wanted to share my experience with you all since it was one I was very excited about myself.  I felt VERY thankful to be invited to the conference and I think it was so worth it to attend!  I learned a lot, met some wonderful girls & came back [exhausted] but certainly more motivated to make WW an even greater place for you all to visit!


Happy Saturday, loves! Yesterday was Day 2 of the rewardStyle conference here in Dallas and it was a busy but very fun one!

A little recap:

I am rooming with Laura Beverlin and Bailey Swartz and we headed downstairs bright and early to start the day everyone and have an acai bowl and coffee. Right after, everyone who was attending the conference joined together to listen to a review of rewardStyles growth and future plans.

We talked a lot about the new app that launched recently making shopping soooo easy [Do you all have it?  If not, download it on your phone.  It’s free & makes all my IG pictures shoppable in an instant] and heard some feedback from users.  It seems like everyone is over the moon for it! My favorite comment that we heard was, “I love it so much that I hate it”.  Haha!  Shopping is great but it can be dangerous, right?! We also got to hear Whitney Wolfe,  the founder/CEO of Bumble speak and it was so inspiring.  Baxter Box, the co-founder and CEO of rewardStyle, closed out the morning by giving us his words of wisdom in his speech “Business behind a Billion”.

Afterwards–we followed the trail of so many (very kind) rS employees that led us to the one and only Shake Shack [yummm!] to grab burgers and fries! The lunch was hosted by Banana Republic and they had the cutest floral arrangements covering the picnic tables. Everything was outdoors and the crinkle fries and cheese dip in combination with the VERY kind and attentive service of the Shake Shack employees made for an A+ break in the day.

Not only did Banana have a photo wall set up where groups of bloggers could grab boomerangs [so fun, right?] but they also had some of their new silk scarves available. I am just dying over this print!  We scooted back to the (preeetty) hotel to have some educational sessions for the rest of the afternoon where topics such as brand partnerships, time hacks and tips and  SEO were covered.

I did make time to snap a couple quick shots of my outfit for the day. I got this blazer a few weeks ago and I cannot believe how much wear I have gotten out of it already. ps, it’s on sale! [wearing a US 4]

My heels are new and I could not love them more!  They have a lower block heel so they are so practical–would be great for work.  The pointed toe and slight flare of the heel are what makes this shoe in my opinion!  They come in TONS of color options too! [I sized down, per the reviews and got a 7]

Blazer || Top || Skirt (similar) || Shoes || Necklace || Sunglasses || Handbag || Scarf

Time to do a quick change for the party and grab a much needed glass of champs! Bumble hosted and the bright yellow carpet leading into the party was my favorite little touch.  I got this dress a couple weeks back and I was so excited to pull it out to wear.  Perfect for a cocktail party with some heels and it would also be so cute worn more casually with your hair up and some earrings (I just got these and I LOVE) and some wedges!  I love the the name of the dress is ‘Dream Vaycay Dress’!  Silly little things like that always make me like items SO much more.  && bonus, I found it on sale for you all here and here! [wearing an xs]

Also–I have totally put these shoes to the test this weekend.  Do yourself a favor and get a pair!  [runs tts]

Dress found here & here || Shoes ||Sunglasses || Earrings

And then it was time for an easy, chill dinner. I walked across the courtyard with Emily of Life with Emily, Kate of  For the Love of Fancy and Jessica of My Style Vita.We sat outside and let me tell you–the salmon avocado cobb salad and frozen vodka tonic TOTALLY hit the spot! From there it was back to the hotel and getting ready for Day 3 which I cant wait to share with you all again here tomorrow! p.s. the big party is tonight so be sure to follow on IG stories with me, I’ll make sure you all don’t miss a thing!

Travel Diary: rewardStyle Conference Recap Day 1 #rsthecon

Heads up–my next couple blog posts are going to be just a tad different than the norm && I am oh, so excited about that!  I am currently at the rewardStyle Conference in Dallas and I want to take you all along with me!  I will be sharing a quick recap of each day with you all as a part of my Travel Diary series.  But first… a little background about the conference for those of you that might not be familiar.

This is the 5th annual rewardStyle Conference (also known as #rStheCon, which you will see all over Instagram the next few days) and it is being held in Dallas this year at Hotel Crescent Court.  rewardStyle is an affiliate marketing company and platform–more specifically, it is the company behind which it allows my content that I create for you all to be monetized.  Meaning, I can share links that will direct you to the website where you can purchase the items that I share (clothes, shoes, accessories, home items, etc) and make a small commission if you choose to purchase.   Great for you all because it makes shopping super easy [completely takes the “ooooh, where did she get that?” out of the equation] and great for me because it allows me to do what I LOVE.  rewardStyle is a platform that has brought me amazing tools–ex.. the ‘Shop My Instagram’ tab on Weekend Wishing, the ability for you all to receive emails (if you choose) with product links after you ‘like’ a photo on IG, && most recently the totally ahhh-maze app (where you can see product details immediately after you take a screenshot of my photo that I have posted on IG).  

#rStheCon is a invitation only event where 200 digital style influencers get to come together for a few days to learn from each other & industry experts, meet and mingle together at various events & [most importantly wink, wink] attend the epic parties they throw!  I will be snapping a bunch of pics to share with you all here and I will also have ton of behind-the-scenes footage on my IG Story!

DAY 1:

The comfiest, coziest travel attire. #guilty These pants–so soft & so amaze. [I sized up for a slouchy fit.  You can get by with it because there’s a drawstring waist.]

Sweater || Joggers || Slides || Suitcase || Sunglasses

Giving these slides a go for the first time and I have to say, I’m hooked. [wearing a 38 and I’m usually a size 7.5]

How cute are these bikes?! The license plates say SCREENSHOT.  

Dress || Bag || Slides || Sunglasses

&& you know I had to snap a pic in front of them after a latte!  You NEED this dress btw.  It’s a great one to throw on during the summer to and from the pool or just with sneaks for lunch. [wearing an xs]

We grabbed a quick bite across from our hotel & it was so nice to sit outside.

Rosé to kick things off, of course!

rewardStyle has done such a good job filling the hotel with all their cuteness!

Kicking off the conference with a rooftop pool party thanks to Sole Society!

Romper || Heels || Sunglasses || Earrings || Bag

Ok… && now it’s time for Day 2 to get rolling.  Happy Friday, loves!  PS:  Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway I have going on right now here.