We went out for date night a couple weekends ago and I took the opportunity to wear this newspaper print dress number.

I saw this recently and had to have it. The dress is just a little Forever21 find so I know I won’t get too many wears out of it or have it for years to come but it reminded me of the infamous Christian Dior newspaper print dress that Carrie Bradshaw wears in the Sex and the City so I had to grab it.

I always get chills when she steps out the door in that. One of my very favorite outfits that she wears. I love that it made an appearance in the series and the movie. Iconic.

The night we snapped these pics we went to The Rackhouse Tavern which is the restaurant that is now open in The Campbell House hotel in Lexington.

The hotel was just renovated and the new common areas are so nice. They have a ton of space so it is the perfect place to stop in for dinner or a drink right now and still maintain plenty of social distancing. We only took our masks off while we were seated at the table eating + drinking or when we snapped a couple photos while no one was around.

My favorite part are the couches outside that are tucked in between lots of columns and white curtains. It actually made me feel like I was on a mini vacation because the area has a Charleston/Savannah feel.

I was moving a little slow (per usual after the weekend, ha) today but we don’t have anything crazy going on this week so I am looking forward to getting in the swing of things and having a productive one. I am going to make sure I workout 5 days and I know I have a mid week manicure scheduled so I am looking forward to that. That’s about it! Hope you all have a good one!

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