These are a few makeup and hair items that I swear by and will continue to rebuy time and time again! Some of these are things that I have mentioned to you all before. But they are worth revisiting because they are still ones that I reach for daily. Several are drug store finds too–which is always nice, right??


I have tried so many bronzers. I don’t like this one as much to use as a cheek contour but I do really love it to give an overall glow. I use the light shade.

I had this for a while and I somehow lost mine. I need to repurchase soon though because I have been missing it the last few months! I tried the cc cream that everyone else seems to love, but it’s not for me. However, this foundation option is a winner.

I ordered this recently as a inexpensive option for me to leave at the lake house but I ended up loving it! I think I will get another so I have one in both places. I am also really into putting a bend/wave in my hair with it right now.

This has been my favorite hair spray for YEARS. I swear by it and love the volume it gives.

I used to be a pink and green Maybelline mascara only girl but the past year or so this one has been my favorite! It allows you to build out on the length without getting too clumpy or wanting to flake off the tips as the day goes on.

I have worn this since high school. So have my mom and my sister. I love how you can build the coverage with it and apply more on top later in the day if you need to refresh before something you’re doing in the evening.

I use this daily. I even spray a light dusting over clean hair after I dry it with a hair dryer if I am going to do any styling to it. It gives a bit of grip and texture. And a heavy spray at the roots helps revamp my hair on days that I don’t wash it. Just be sure to flip your head over after and really work it in with your fingers.. just like you would do with regular shampoo if you were in the shower!

This is a MUST have for me now!!! I wear it every single day! I put a generous amount on my entire face before I apply any other makeup and it gives the best glow.


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