We’ve been making a lot more at home cocktails with the corona virus wave upon us. Normally we opt for wine, beer or bubbly at home but since we have so much time at home now, we have really been loving tackling more cocktails. Our favorite is a fresh margarita, but last weekend we made palomas and they were FAB.

If you like margaritas and grapefruit, then you will love these. Here is the recipe we went with..

A couple things to note:

Lots of recipes call for grapefruit flavored sparkling water. We went with plain soda water because we knew if we bought it we could use it in other cocktails and we don’t like anything sweet at all so we decided a plain bubbly would be fine for us.

Our simple syrup batch that I made up was weak. I would say it had a lot less sugar to water than the recommended ratio so depending on the potency of yours, you may want to adjust the amount of tbsp that you add to your mixture.

Ethan and I both order all our margaritas when we are out with no salt on the rim. It’s too much for me. However, these are really good with just a touch of the pink himalayan salt. I forgot to note in the instructions above, but we also rim a little section of the glass with it when we make these.

One tip.. we squeeze the fruit over a strainer when we are making the base of the cocktail. Then we pour the mixture back through the strainer one more time before adding it over ice. It helps to make the drink smooth and remove all the pulp.

Enjoy! xx

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