I have a different take on the beginning of the year than most. Here are my thoughts…

new year’s resolutions–

It seems like all I see on instagram, or online, or hear about from others is.. so repetitive and cliché.

So, I passed on all of that.

However – I did have an idea in my head of how I wanted my January to go. Here’s how I started out my year and what I am continuing to think about.

i’m going to focus refreshing all the spaces around me

I want to clean out our coat and storage closets and the garage. Do a closet reorganization for myself and see if there is anything to get rid of. Declutter the junk drawers. Print out some of our wedding photos and add them to our walls somewhere. And give our bedroom a little facelift. We got rid of our headboard, are looking for new nightstands, just ordered different euro shams and want to find some art we like for above our bed.

I don’t want any space in our home to feel like neglected. I don’t want any project or cleaning task to be on the back burner, hanging over my head.

I really just want all our spaces to feel like tidy and looked after and maintained.

i am not going to start any fad diet or try to change my eating drastically

No f-factor, whole 30, keto, etc etc for me. In fact, I plan to do the opposite. I am going to be pretty easy going with my eating. I was trying to get it in check from November on last year so now I am just in the mood to relax a bit. If we feel like going to mexican during the week, whatever. If I feel like having a donut for breakfast on the weekend, fine. I’ll try to have healthy meals during the week but I’m just not going to be too strict with myself.

i am not going to make any new year’s resolutions

I want anything I try to do in the beginning of the year to be thought of as maintenance, rather than a change. I have never set a resolution so this is no surprise.

i am going to share more here and ig

I have hit a real low in terms of sharing content and instagram photos. I am ready to start posting more. Even if that means some casual, shorter blog posts and some ig mirror selfies and iPhone shots of my everyday outfit. I am going to try to just throw more out there.

i’m going to keep focus on going to the gym

I started swimming again (I used to swim on teams when I was younger) at the end of the year so I plan to keep that up occasionally and try to hit a workout class a few days a week. Then on the weekends, I like to walk or go to a spin class with Ethan. I want to make a point to do that more.

i am going to keep any purchases to a minimum

We ordered a new shower rod and shower curtain hooks, a few frames for our walls and some sconces. Things like that I am totally ok with because they are small and fit into my plan for refreshing our spaces. But I want to be really intentional with our purchases. With the holidays and travel prep, it felt like we had lots of orders coming in. I am ready to stop focusing on the new and just try to maintain, care for and use what I already have. This is going to take some effort, but I know it will feel amazing to scale back.

i want to be content with a slow, uneventful month

Sometimes I get restless in Jan/Feb/Mar. A couple years we have even taken a vacation or traveled during this time. This year, I want to be satisfied with weekends of no plans and just be happy going to get coffee on a Saturday morning and spending the day at home afterwards. I think it will be easy after our travel to Hawaii last month and will feel good to keep things relaxed. Plus, we are doing a Chicago weekend at the end of Feb so that will be something to look forward to.

Overall, I want 2020 to start out feeling refreshed, scaled back, relaxed and content.

I didn’t make a point to sit down and think of all these things or draw out an intentional plan. These are just thoughts that have been popping in my head during the last week and I thought it might help me to compile them and write them out.

And that’s a wrap. Happy 2020! xx

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