It’s no secret that snakeskin boots are all the rage right now! I have been seeing them EVERYWHERE and since they pair so well with black (my uniform of choice), I was dying to try a pair. Here are all the details about the Marc Fisher Retie Tall Boot that I decided to go with..


  • They have a decent, very wearable heel. It is not too high–I found it really comfortable and walkable. Very important because with a statement boot, I did not want the opportunities I had to wear them being limited more than they might already be.
  • The shade of the snakeskin is a great neutral.
  • Snakeskin boots make an outfit. So, you can keep the rest of the look super simple. Think–black skinny jeans and a black oversized sweater. Done. I love finding ways to make easy outfits like that seem on trend.
  • The pointy toe is a must for me. It keeps this boot very current.
  • These are Marc Fisher which is a brand I am really loyal to. I have so many pairs of their shoes–heels, sandals, sneakers and boots so I knew the quality would be good. And it is!
  • They have a side zip making them easy to get on and off.
  • I sized up a full size from my normal shoe size. Now, granted I always size up a 1/2 size in boots (my preference). With this pair I decided to go up a full size because the reviews I read complained of a really narrow leg. Mine work fine so I am keeping them, but my normal 1/2 size up might have worked totally fine. Either way, this leaves room for a thick sock which is crucial for me.
  • The length of the boot is a little tall for me. I am 5ft4 and the top of the boot hits a little bit into my knee cap in the front. However, it was not enough to bother me. The dip down helps and I can’t see this being a pair that I sit in a lot so I am not going to worry with it.
  • They were under $80 when I ordered them! (Use code: FALLFRENZY at checkout!) That was a huge plus in my book because I did not want to spend a ton on a pair since they are trendy but since they stand out I did want them to look like a quality pair.
  • If you would rather have a bootie instead of a tall boot then you are in luck because this same boot also comes in a shorter version!! My sister just ordered those! They are currently only $68!

I hope this helps if you are on the hunt for a pair too! If you are on the fence about the print, give it a try! I think they are easier to pull off than you might think.

ps, if you just can’t bring yourself to go the boot route but are still intrigued with the snakeskin trend then try these! I just got them myself last week and I am loving wearing them casually with jeans and sweaters during the week. Bonus–they are work wear friendly and under $20.


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