As soon as we got home from our mini moon I was ready to put up the tree!  Thankfully Ethan was on board the following weekend and our house has been festive ever since!

Our main decoration is our tree.  It is in a spot in the house that is right in the middle of everything and I love that we get to enjoy it so much when it is up.  After all, what’s better than cozy-ing up on the couch with the light of a Christmas tree shining??  It’s the best.  Ours is a 7.5ft pre lit tree.  However, this year the lights on the very top section did not work.  Soooo, I had to remove all the lights (that definitely ruined my manicure haha) and replace them with a new string.  FYI, it is not the most fun task.. but it can certainly be done.  I was happy that it saved us from having to go out and buy a whole new tree this year and delay the decorating process.

Over the years I have done a variety of different color themes for my tree but this year we stuck with the silver and white decorations that we had and decided to leave the rest in the box.  I am toying with the idea of getting a few boxes of copper balls to add into the mix.  You all know I am OBSESSED with copper!

TIP:  We use a ton of tinsel in our tree to fill it up and make it sparkle!  It is such an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up a tree.  Just grab some tinsel at WalMart and cut it in strips.  Then you can just stick them between the branches throughout.  I am even using tinsel this year in place of ribbon on most of my presents!  I found some that is wired so it is really easy to work with and makes such a full addition to a gift.  (ps, you do not need the wired kind to use in your tree, just the regular version.)

I LOOOOVE that we have some new “our first Christmas” ornaments to add to our tree this year.  We got a few as gifts and it really makes the holiday feel like a special one!  Here is the first one that we got from my aunt.  I was able to find a link to it and you can shop it here.  I could not love it more! If you know a newly wed couple then I suggest gifting one.  Isn’t the wedding cake adorable?

As for the rest of our decor, I stuck to my decorating rule that I explained in detail in this post about our fall decor.  I added small touches that fit in with our color scheme in the house and mixed them in with our existing items.  This makes it feel unique to you.  For example, we used our own coffee table books, marble trays, vases etc etc with the mercury glass trees, light up snowman, and mini tree.

One new Christmas item that fits in perfectly with our style?  This modern glass tree set!  When I saw these added to the holiday section on CB2 I immediately added them to our wedding registry and I was SO excited when they arrived in the mail this week.  And while we are on the topic of trees.. The large white glittery tree on the Lady Gaga book was gifted to us by my mom.  I am totally in love with it but couldn’t find it online to link for you all.  However, she did tell me she got it at Kroger so you might be able to find one there (the one she shops at is in Versailles, fyi).

I am obsessed with mini Santa hats!  You see them throughout our decor as a mini tree topper and champagne bottle add on.  They are just so tiny and festive!  They make the perfect addition to a bottle of wine, bubbly or bourbon if you are gifting it.  It would even make your hostess gift more fun.  Here are the ones I ordered.  You should have seen the eye roll I got from Ethan when he saw these on our Amazon account, haha.  Let’s just say he was questioning my priorities a bit.  I haven’t a clue why.

Oh and just a side note about our snowman.. this is the exact one we have but I took the ribbon and decoration off of his hat and neck and replaced it with some plaid ribbon I liked.  Making small changes like this to items will help them fit into your home much better!

I searched high and low and was able to find several of the exact items we have in our house for you all to shop.  I did my best to find something similar for everything else.  You can click on any item below to shop!

If you have any questions about where a specific item is from just let me know.  xx

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