I love to know what people’s most recent Amazon orders are–I find it so weirdly interesting!  So, today I am sharing the last 7 things that show up when we click on the orders tab on our Amazon account.

If you aren’t nosey like me, then skip on to the next post.  Buuuuut, if you’re curious–then here’s the breakdown.

TV – Ok, I take no credit for this one but I certainly am enjoying it.  We had a teeny tiny tv in our bedroom (it was actually Ethan’s in college) and if it were up to me, I would still have it 10yrs from now haha!  I never even think to spend money on things like that.  Ethan saw a deal on this one during Amazon Prime Day so we grabbed it and it has been amazing.  I am a person who loves their bed and never, ever has any trouble falling asleep so some nights I really like to–get ready for bed, cuddle in and put on Gossip Girl while I work for the next few hours on my laptop (bonus points if I manage to do this while it’s light outside and can open the blinds–I see that as a real treat).  Sooo, the new tv has really upped our bedroom game.  I keep saying, why didn’t we do this sooner??

TV STAND – This is the stand we hung the tv with.  Again, I take zero credit for this one–I had no involvement haha. Ethan searched around, found this one and hung it.  Done!

MAGIC BULLET BLENDER – I have wanted one of these for years + years, becuase I have ALWAYS been obsessed with infomercials.  Side Note: I remember scrambling to get paper and writing down the address and info for the glow in the dark legos, etc. that I had to have way back in the day when I was hanging out at my Granny and Pappyos.  It would usually take me all day of waiting for the commercial to repeat before I could actually gather all the mailing information–but in the end Granny would help me order.  And I still have a love for home shopping networks, but I’ll skip those stories for now.  ANYHOW… we are starting a new meal plan (more on that later) and needed to incorporate shakes into our day, so this was a must.  Why did I think these would be like $150+??  Must be because I still think anything from an infomercial is top notch and the most amazing thing ever.  🙂

PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER – I have never had a protein shake but this was the one recommended to us so I just ordered to give it a try!

MUSLIN MAKE UP REMOVING CLOTHS – Giving credit where credit is due, I came across these and had to try after reading a skincare post on the Brooklyn Blonde blog (one of my faves).  You can check out the exact post here!

INSULATED TUMBLER WITH STRAW – I am so into The Skinny Confidential podcasts right now and she references a water tumbler that she loves.  It was not really my style but it did inspire me to go searching for a new one that I will love so I am encouraged to drink more water.  This matte black 32oz option with a dishwasher safe straw totally caught my eye!

APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR – It seems like there are one million benefits to this stuff.  Lately anything I google mentions it.  (can help with–weight management, digestion, lower blood sugar, acne, shingles, leg cramps, energy, etc etc.  Read more here.) I have always had some in our fridge but I started drinking it every single morning again (I do one tablespoon ACV, 1/4 of a lemon squeezed and water into a large cup) so I was running low and needed more.  ps, some people hate this drink (I’m looking at you Ethan) but I actually love it!  And if we are being honest, I just like that it is something that I can add into my morning routine that is fast, cheap and forces me to drink at least a full cup of water before I eat anything for the day.

Ok, enough of my rambling about random Amazon purchases..  Happy Hump Day, babes!


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