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One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit a new coffee shop every morning.  I get the same thing everywhere I go (latte either hot or iced with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla-if they have it) but there’s just something about finding a new (to me) little coffee shop to pop in and order it from that makes me so happy.  [basic, I know.  zero shame over here…]  Last time we were in NYC my favorite spot ended up being Joe & The Juice (they had just opened their Soho location) and this past trip we went to Cafe La Cerra and I fell in love!  It was the best latte and I loved the cute little marble pedestal tables (both this and this were snapped there during our visit).  When we were in Quebec City we stopped in La Maison Smith Place Royale and it was so good that we went back a few times during our stay! Cute tables outside on the cobblestone too.

So, if you are anything like me and have some recommendations for the best coffee spots in other cities will you please send them my way?  I always like to have a list saved in my phone for future trips!

Oh–and side note, I came across Black Tap on Instagram recently and I am dying to go on our next trip to NYC.  I know this isnt coffee [ha!] but how insane do those milkshakes and burgers look?!  I cannot get over the one with the black and white bagel from The Bagel Store!!


If you have your eye on any Tory Burch items for the Fall/Winter then now is the time to buy!  The whole site is 30% off right now if you spend $250 && you can take advantage of the free shipping and returns. Kinda sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, the only downside is items sell fast and sizes in riding boots have been known to dwindle quickly so just keep that in mind.  Just click on any item below to shop my favorite picks!

I think this watch would be such a good everyday staple piece and I am dying over the detail and french grey color of this bag!  I also LOVE this one (in the same color) because the shape is so classic, the strap can be adjusted to wear at two lengths and the inside is divided into two sections with a pocket–and the silver hardware!  Ughhh, I think I might have just talked myself into ordering that one haha!  I think that’s a surprisingly good price point for that bag too.  Plus–you all know how I am about having a structured bag.  It’s the best! I also think these booties are so cute (and 90’s!) and these riding boots will be ones you will wear for years.  This will be the 6th year I have had my tan pair.



If you watched my Instastory then you probably saw a little tour that I did of the lake house that my dad bought recently.  Ethan and I (&& Remi and Milly) are headed down there for the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m actually looking forward to getting a lot of work done on the blog while were there because I think it will be such a relaxing and cozy setting.  I’m thinking some soft lounge clothes, a cup of coffee, my laptop & a cinnamon roll on the deck Saturday morning–yesssss please!  Follow along on IG to see tidbits of our weekend.  🙂

TGIF!  Make it a happy one!



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