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SAM_4366SAM_4374SAM_4372SAM_4384SAM_4395SAM_4407SAM_4402Prada Handbag via Trendlee

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I have always been a fan of investing in pieces that you can use on a daily basis and saving on clothing items that may only make it out of your closet a few times.  This being said, a luxury handbag certainly falls into the category of items I would invest in.  Unfortunately the price tags that are attached to the bags I have my eye on often make them very hard to pull the trigger on.  I had the opportunity to work with Trendlee while in New York City this weekend and I am so glad I did–I would never recommend them to you all if I hadn’t had a great experience.  They are a pre-owned luxury bag company that offers a big variety of bags in excellent condition at a discounted price in comparison to retail value.  It really opened my eyes to the possibility of owning a bag that had been previously loved by another girl because this Prada bag arrived at my hotel looking brand new!

Take a look at their site to see oodles of additional designers they have to offer.  They are offering 5% off to Weekend Wishing readers as well.  Use code: WEEKENDWISHING

Cheers to the weekend!


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