Sunglasses can be a tricky item to store in your closet.  Once I came up with this solution my life became a lot easier though!

I decided to store my sunglasses in a way that I could see all of them.  If you can spare the wall space then I highly recommend this!

It makes getting ready much easier because I have all my options right in front of me–I can easily pick a pair that goes with my outfit and I don’t have to spend 10 minutes searching through my bags to find the ones I am looking for.  I find that once you designate a “home” for items then it becomes easier to make sure you put them back in the correct place.  I know that this is exactly where my sunglasses sit so I don’t hesitate to take the extra time to throw them up there after I get home.

Ethan even keeps his on here as well and we keep a bag in the bottom of my closet that contains all the cases that come with the sunglasses so I they’re easy to grab.

These are actually storage holders for nail polish that you often see at a salon.  You can shop my exact one here.  Note:  I bought two and hung them side by side for more storage!  You can also find these with a clear backing but I preferred the mirrored option.

Stay tuned for more home tid bits!  I have a few more things planned!

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