It’s that time of year again–the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Let’s do a run down of the important info. I’m going to give you my honest thoughts on how I feel about the sale this year too.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens every July. The number one thing to know about it is the items that are included are NEW things that are just now coming out for Fall/Winter. They are not old items that have been marked down over time. They are pieces for the upcoming season that you can get at a discount for a limited time.



PUBLIC: July 19 – Aug 4

If you have a Nordstrom card, you can shop the sale early. I think you have to use your actual card for purchases this year too.


I have shopped the sale for a few years now. But this year, if I am being honest, I am just not as into it.

In the last year I have really tried to take a more minimal approach to my closet. I am not where I want to be with it yet, but I am constantly trying to have a smaller wardrobe with only pieces I truly love.

I’m going to refrain from letting myself buy things just for the sake of buying them and partaking in the excitement of the sale this year.

If I buy something, it will be because it was something I remember needing last Fall/Winter.

I will be carefully selecting items that I think are good buys and sharing them though! I have things like–leather jacket, a suede moto jacket, a cashmere wrap, etc etc in my closet now that came from this sale years ago and they were great investments for me. If I see items that fall into that category this year I will share them with you all in case they fit your needs.

So basically, I plan to be REALLY picky this year!


  • Go back through any photos you have from the last two Fall/Winter seasons. This will help you remind yourself what you actually end up wearing and needing the most.
  • Make a list of items that you are missing in your closet and would like to have. Stay away from the sale catalogue and Nordstrom site when you do this so you are not persuaded to put anything on the list that you shouldn’t.
  • If you like an item, buy it fast and get more than one size if you are unsure which you need. Items sell out quickly and you can always return.
  • In terms of beauty buys, look for items you already use and know you like so you can re-buy them at a discount. (Ex, Neulash) I have never had luck spending money on random gift sets put together for the sale of new products I have never tried.
  • Stick to quality items.


COAT – I have a lightweight grey coat that I love and a heavy black coat that I am obsessed with. If I see a white or cream or tan coat that is longer than knee length and a relaxed fit then I might consider buying it.

BLANKET – I have always wanted a Barefoot Dreams blanket because they are so soft. I might consider one this year if the color is right.

LACE CAMI – I had a black and cream one from the sale last year and I wear them TONS! My cream one has a stain on it that the dry cleaners cannot get out so I can only wear it tucked in now. If a similar one is included in the sale this year I would love to have another!

ALL SAINTS + VINCE – These are two of my favorite brands. The items are pricey so I will definitely browse anything they have in the sale to see if there are items worth investing in.

TOTE BAG – I’d like to have a better black tote bag and plan to see if one is included in the sale. I use mine all the time for carrying around my laptop etc etc.

MULES – I am in need of a pair of plain black mules. I wear mules all the time so I will browse any that are included in the sale to see if I like them.

BLAZER – I live in my black blazer so I would like to have a similar one in white or another neutral. It would have to be a relaxed/boyfriend fit though.

I hope this post helps and that you all appreciate my honesty! I will also still be posting all my regular content during the sale so the coverage won’t be overwhelming! xx

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