I did a post recently where I shared a random list of tidbits. I ended up loving having an easy place to share anything + everything that’s been on my mind with you all. So–let’s give it a go again..

  1. Movies are $5 at the Movie Tavern on Tuesdays and they have free popcorn. Who knew?? We went last week and are going again tomorrow.
  2. Thinking of ordering this dress.
  3. The new Hills show comes back on tonight. I will be watching!
  4. We ordered this to hang vertically the wall on our patio. Will be perf for the 4th!
  5. I am back on a lemon water kick. Trying to get a lot in this week to detox.
  6. Recently started listening to Lauren Conrads podcast. This episode is good!
  7. Some sunset pics on the blog.
  8. Need this.
  9. We grilled peaches last weekend and then drizzled with balsamic glaze + goat cheese crumbles. Devine.
  10. My new favorite website to check daily.
  11. This sweatshirt is back in stock right now!
  12. I ordered this dress and it was a TOTAL FAIL. Still on the hunt for a white midi.
  13. This is the umbrella we ended up buying. It’s great!
  14. I went down a rabbit hole last week listening to Alexis Haines. Her podcast is new and you have to listen to it!
  15. These are in my amazon cart.
  16. All these recipes look so, so good. I am making a few of them in the next couple weeks.
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