Ok, these block heels need some major attention.


I went to the mall recently in search of some heeled sandals that I could wear all day long. I always have a hard time finding shoes that work well for Keeneland. It is a day where you are on your feet from morning to night and a lot of walking is involved.

I was SO thrilled when I saw these at Macy’s.

Since buying the I have worn them to Keeneland, brunch, out on the weekend, to dinner and for Easter!


The heel height is the perfect in-between size. It’s just over 3 inches. So, it is not a super high heel that you can’t walk in and it is not a super low heel that makes you feel like a grandma. They actually wear more like a 2 – 2.5 inch heel, in my opinion.

The soles have memory foam padding. I didn’t know that when I bought them, but I am sure that contributes to the comfort factor!

I also like that these are an actual heel instead of a wedge. There’s something about a wedge that can seem like a cop out or an option that’s too casual.

&& I love that the heel is covered in the same material as the shoe. I am not a fan of a wooden/cork/black heel. It can really cheapen the shoe.

Lastly, a minimal shoe is really versatile.


my normal size – 7.5 regular

my size in these heels – 7 wide

The display model of this shoe in the store happened to be a 7W and when I tried it on, it fit great. I am so glad a wide size was out becuase I never would have requested to try one on otherwise. I have never worn a wide in a shoe before but after trying on the regular and the wide in this one, I decided the wide was much more comfortable.

After I wore these shoes all day for a Keeneland trip and raved about them, my sister went to the mall and bought them in black and tan herself. She also ended up going with the wide and sized down a half size so I would say this sizing recommendation is fairly accurate.


I was looking specifically for a nude shoe when I bought these but they were on sale so I ended up getting them in both tan and white. The white has a silver buckle (which I love) and I am so into white shoes right now so I figured they would come in really handy too.

There are tons of color options and even some suedes available though so be sure to take a peek at them on the site for yourself.

I know I will end up wearing these with everything from skirts + dresses to jeans + trousers so I think they will prove to be a great find! You really cannot beat a simplistic heel. Especially one this wearable! xx


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