Around this time last year I ordered a couple of pairs of flat slip-on mules. They ended up being great buys and I think they are the perfect type of shoe to wear as we transition into spring.

Mules can be worn on the weekend with casual looks–think jeans or joggers. Mules can also be worn to work–with ankle length trousers. So versatile.

They work for so many months of the year but are ESPECIALLY IDEAL for March-May. You know, those months when you are dying for the weather to warm up but in reality it’s still chilly? Mules are the perfect in between shoe. They show a bare ankle and heel but cover the rest of the foot. They are the perfect solution to the “I will look silly wearing suede boots but I will freeze wearing sandals” thought process.

The good news is that mules are EVERYWHERE this year (definitely still on trend) so they are easy to find in all price points. I linked some pairs that would be an investment and some pairs that were under $20. This round up will give you a good idea of what is out there.

I loved having my white/cream pair last year. They helped to make my outfits feel a bit more like spring even when it was cold enough that I still needed to wear a sweater. Mine do have a lot of wear on them though. A light color just shows more. So I think I will buy another affordable pair again this season to add into the mix.


I might invest in a pair of heeled, peep toe mules this year too. If so, I will be sure to share which I pick. As of right now, all the pairs I am loving don’t seem too practical. Perfect example? THESE. I’m so into them but am afraid they may be a pain to walk in. Do they smack your heel like a flip flop? Possibly.

HHD (happy hump day). I think I just made that abbreviation up, but you all know how I like to celebrate all my days of the week so I figure it’s appropriate. 😉 xx

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