I know I am often chatting with you all about things like my favorite grey sweaters or my newest sneaker obsession, but I have recently learned about Simple Health and want to share with you all.  So today, let’s chat birth control.

Birth control is something that everyone should have access to.  However, tons of people either have trouble getting birth control or have to jump through too many unnecessary hoops to get it.

Years ago, I used to have a prescription for mine that I filled at the drug store pharmacy near my apartment.  It was the biggest pain.  I always had to set a reminder to call and renew it and then I had to remember to go by and pick it up in the drive-through before they closed on Sunday.  Seems simple, but it wasn’t.  I would get busy spending time with family, running errands or studying and before I knew it I had to wait until Monday to get my new pack.  Then I had to squeeze time in to go get it before my day started.

Then… the cost of my prescription went up.  I can’t remember exactly but I know it was 30 something dollars a month.  When I told my mom about this she told me I needed to switch to a mail order pharmacy.  I would have never known to do this without her help.  It is not something my doctor or pharmacist mentioned but once I did this my birth control started coming 3 packs in at a time and being delivered to my house.  If I remember correctly, the price went to $14 for a 3 month supply.  I was also able to have it set up to auto-renew.

Since then, the cost has been changed to where it is now covered by my insurance.  Easy peasy.

But this is not the case for tons of people and I still have friends who go pick up a prescription monthly.  This is why I think Simple Health is genius!  They have created a site that ANYONE can use to obtain their birth control.  They prescribe it and then deliver it to your house so you can skip the pharmacy.   If you have insurance and a prescription already– then just utilize Simple Health to get free home delivery.  (Who would say no to that?  I want everything delivered these days!) If you don’t have insurance and/or a prescription, then you can still go through Simple Health to have a consult and get birth control for a reasonable price.  Use code: WEEKENDWISHING if you sign up.

Annnnd you all know I like to get really specific with you too.  So, here’s my birth control routine.  I have been doing this for years and it works well for me.  I have an alarm set on my phone that goes off at 4:56pm to remind me to take my birth control.  I know that seems like a really odd time, haha, but I am so weird and cannot set alarms or time to microwave things to times that end in a 5 or 0.  Meaning, I like 4:56 better for an alarm than 4:55 haha.  Just a little quirky thing!  I also microwave my breakfast sandwich for 1:31 minutes each morning.  Crazy, I know.  Ok, ANYWAY, I just chose that time years ago because it was a nice little reminder for me that I was about to leave the office and I have stuck to it since it’s important for me to take mine at the same time daily since I am on the oral pill.  One other thing I do to help make the process easier, is to get each pack out of the white plastic container it comes in and cut it down to make it a smaller size.  I remove the sides, top and bottom row of “empties” and then the pack fits perfectly inside my zipper pouch attached to my key chain.  This way, I always have it with me!  My LV pouch is getting a little dirty at this point, but I do highly suggest having something like it on your keys.  Works perf!

I hope these tips help make your life a little easier!  Definitely check out Simple Health and get that bc delivered to your doorstep!! Now if they would only send me a sonic snickers ice cream mixer too like Postmates does, then we’d really be in business.  😉 xx





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