I am always looking for easy things I can keep stocked in my fridge that are satisfying yet guilt free.  Who’s not right??  Phocus sparkling water is my newest obsession and it fits the bill.  Check. Check.

One rule I created for myself during college was to not buy soft drinks at the grocery store.  This cuts down on 90% of my no good, bad, sugary drinks because I only have the occasional Diet Mt. Dew at my mom’s house on the weekend.  Perfect.  Buuuuut, then there are times when I crave something other than just flat water.  I still don’t want the carbs, calories or sugar so I was thrilled when I discovered Phocus sparkling water on Instagram.  I was super intrigued because their product contains natural caffeine (one can has a little less than a cup of coffee) but does NOT contain any of the ick stuff–no sweeteners, sodium, artificial flavors or preservatives.  The flavors are light and the bubble is refreshing. Yasssss.

Real life?  I buy Phocus because it has dual uses.  It’s a contender because of everything I mentioned previously, but it actually ends up in the shopping cart because we can drink them for both work + play.  Yep, Ethan is hooked too!  We like them as a mid morning pick me up over ice.  Ethan’s fave is the cucumber– he grabs it out of the fridge on the way out the door and takes to work.  And my go-to is the blood orange.  I add mine to my matte black tumbler (that I am attached at the hip with) after my morning coffee and before my lunch.  But here is the kicker, we also use them as a mixer for cocktail hour on the weekends.  Dual purpose and low calorie.  Bonus, it’s an easy item to throw in the cooler and take on the boat when we are down at the lake house too.  I included the combos we love below!  They are fuss-free!

grapefruit phocus + silver tequila + fresh squeezed grapefruit

lime phocus + vodka + lime wedge, lemon wedge

blood orange phocus + bourbon + fresh squeezed orange

Add some Phocus to your next clicklist order for Kroger–it’s now available in Lexington.  [Side Note:  I was a much grumpier person before Kroger ClickList existed.  Dealing with people in the grocery store is NOT for me.  Guilty.]

I’ve shared some of the cans I had on hand with our family + friends and they are loving it too!  And on a random (but still kind of related note), my mom just picked up the cutest copper margarita glasses, similar here, and I think we need to come up with a low cal marg recipe to go in those soon with a lime flavored Phocus!  Consider that added to my to-do list!

&& you all know I can’t leave you without saying–happy hump day!  We made it to that mid-week spot and the long weekend is definitely in sight!  We are headed to Nashville with Ethan’s fam and I am really looking forward to it.  I haven’t been to the area in a few years so any coffee shop, restaurant, bar recommendations would be appreciated.  xx


In Collaboration with Phocus
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